Coaching with NLP holds a number of national and internationally accreditations that we believe are of benefit to our students. We are always striving to stay at the forefront of what the market expects and to ensure our students have the certification and tools they require to be the best coaches they can be.

In pursuit of this, Wayne has ICF accreditation as both a coach and ICF mentor coach. What this means is that our coach training includes the ICF core competencies and the ICF code of ethics. This is a great base to start from as it sets the standards as well as some boundaries within coaching, and the client coach relationship. That means that as a coach, you have a framework to work with in your coaching sessions.

Whilst this framework is great, it is somewhat restrictive in what you as a coach may do when working with your client. Example, we know that to move forward, there is often some stuff that has happened in the past, that we need to let go of. Example, the client may have some limiting beliefs about themselves, or carry some negative emotions. These do not serve the client in moving forward. So we may use the skills taught in Time Line Therapy(TM) to let go of these issues easily. As this is not strictly coaching, it is frowned upon by the ICF. We do not want to limited either our clients or our students. We believe in a more blended coaching approach, working within the framework. You have the ability to join a number of international accreditation bodies as a coach on completion of this training.

Coach Accreditation requirements.

For your master coach certification (part of NLP master practitioner,) you will be required to complete the following:

• 5 x 30 Minute coaching sessions as a peer coach. You will submit recordings of these coaching sessions. (Both coach and client need to agree to being recorded.)
• 5 x 30 Minute sessions as a peer client. One of the best ways to learn coaching is to be a client. You will have first-hand experience as being both a client and a coach.
• Create your own original Coaching Model.
• 5 x Observed coaching sessions. (Both coach and client need to agree to being recorded.)
• You will receive written feedback and assessment on 3 of your coaching sessions in regards to your use of the Core Competencies.
• Read course book “Coaching for Performance.”

Who is this training intended for?

Coaching is now a respected career path, both by individuals starting their own coaching business, as well as organisations that are using coaching as part of their organisational growth. This coaching course is intended for people from all walks of life including:

• People who want to enter into the coaching arena and set up their own business,
• Managers who are coaching in their organisations,
• HR professionals,
• Business owners who want to learn how to deal and work better with staff,
• Parents, trainers, teachers, psychiatrists, therapists, doctors,
• Anybody interested in business or personal growth who want to improve their business or social relationships.

Course Overview.

• International Coach Accreditation.
• Gain NLP Master Practitioner certification.
• Accredited by ABNLP, International Coach Register, COMENSA as well as the ability to join a number of other international boards.
• You will receive 5 FREE 1-2-1 coaching session with Wayne on completion. (Conditions apply.)
• More business clients are asking for professional accreditation.
• One of the most respected and widely-known professional coaching qualifications in coaching available anywhere.
• Deep level coaching capability and skills that will enable you to coach in various niches.
• According to the 2012 ICF Global Coaching Study, credentialed coaches reported a higher than average income worldwide compared to non-credentialed-coaches.
• International validation gives coaches and clients a guarantee of quality.
• NLP skills applied for Coaching Core Competencies.

Prerequisites for coaching course.

Able to read, speak and write English as the course is delivered in English.
A willingness to learn and be coached.
All students must be over 18.


On completion of the coaching course, you:
• Receive NLP Master Practitioner Certification- ABNLP.
• Receive Master Coach Certification- ABNLP Coaching Division.
• Be able to join the International Coach Register.
• Be able to join COMENSA.
• Can apply for certification with various accreditation bodies. Provided you meet the additional criteria each has. E.g Some may ask for a minimum of 100 logged coaching hours.

Your Coach Trainer.

Wayne is passionate about helping others succeed. He has trained hundreds of coaches from various countries and nationalities around the world. Aside from delivering training, Wayne also coaches business and private clients on a 1-2-1 basis.

Wayne Farrell

Wayne Farrell

He is certified as:
ICF Accredited coach,
ICF Accredited mentor coach,
Trainer of NLP,
Trainer of Coaching,
Trainer of Time Line Therapy®,
Trainer of Hypnosis,
Trainer of Speed Reading,
Practitioner in Micro Expressions,
Trainer of Mindfulness,
Trainer of other personal development courses.

The coach training is part of the NLP training at bot the practitioner and master practitioner levels.

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