5 Reasons to Train with us

If you have spent any time looking for a reliable and quality course, then you would be forgiven to feel a little overwhelmed.
There are many courses to choose from and so companies that promise you the world.

With so many companies to choose from, it can be a mine field to find the right coach training provider. Here are only 5 reasons to train with us. Once you have completed the training, you will be able to list many more.

5 Reasons to train with us

Free courses.

We have created a number of free resources for you to use. From one videos and articles, to short courses to share information.
Please feel free to do either or both the 7 keys to achieving results mini course and the free coaching course.

Out aim here at Coaching with NLP is to always over deliver.
An example of that is the additional bonuses you receive when you sign up for the 7 day live NLP practitioner and life coaching courses.
You receive:
• Online 83 Videos/ demos and resources. (Great for preparation and revision after the live training.)
Online Speed Reading training, (To help read all of the Additional resource suggestions.)
• Online “Create Your Signature Program Workbook,” (To help create your own coaching package)
Online Goal Setting training, (You can use this with your clients as well.)
Online 8 week Mindfulness training. (This is great for yourself as well as tools to use with your clients.)

When you attend the 14 day NLP master practitioner course, you receive even more. Including 5 one to one coaching sessions with Wayne if you take the Gold package.
We want you to achieve success and are committed to helping you where we can.

So follow the road to success and these 5 simple steps to become a successful coach.