A Coach is not just for Christmas

How often do people go to bed at night, worrying about things that have not yet happened tomorrow? How often do people wake up in the morning, trapped negative feelings about things that might happen to them that day? Most things that people get anxious about never actually happen. What if you could be free from many of the unnecessary worries that you have?

It’s actually very simple to do. The fact is though that we are responsible for where we are at any given time in our life. I will happily explain the principle of Cause and Effect in another article. For now though, let’s pick one simple thing that many people struggle with and worry about on a regular basis. Money. Now I agree that some people might be in a real financial pickle right now and that it may take some time and effort to get out of the situation. There is help available and you can change things around if you take action. I also agree that you should reflect on how to pay the bills at the end of the month. Ensure that you work to earn the money to do so, whether as an employee, self-employed or however you legally attain your money.

A Coach is not just for Christmas

Financial coaching.

One of people’s major stress comes from mismanaging money. Ever heard the saying “Keeping up with the Jones’s? As we come up to Christmas and the latest “Toys” are available, some at “Discounted prices”, think before you buy. Maybe you want to buy your wife the latest I Pad, or the kids the new Xbox or PlayStation. Maybe throw that big Christmas bash you do each year. Or you need more and brighter Christmas lights than the neighbor. You know; the things that you spend so much money on that you need to repay over the next 12 months; with interest.

What I am saying is that we often pick a rod for our own backs. That does not mean be Scrooge and give each of the family a fiver for Christmas. Unless that is all you can afford then that is perfect. What I am saying is that there are so many things that we worry about that never actually happen and if we take more care about the things we can control and then you can be free from so many worries. Not only will that lengthen your life span, make for a happier family and keep the people you owe money too to a minimum; it will also save you loads in interest payments, so you can save for those things the next year.

A coach can help with stress.

There are many things in our control by which we can mitigate your stress. For the other things, it may be useful to work with a coach. It may be in your business or simply things that are going on in your life. The point is that you can live free from stress and worries. Live the life you deserve and be happy. That does not mean sit around watching day time telly every day. It means you can strive for the things you want and the goals that you set yourself in a planned fashion. Achieving them will encourage you to stretch yourself a little more each time and soon you will not recognize yourself in your capabilities.

A coach is not just for Christmas

Coaching is a wonderful way of assisting a person in various areas of their personal and professional lives. People work with coaches at all ages, situations and times in their lives. It can last for as long or short as it needs to in helping people to get “unstuck.”

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and an awesome 2014. Take action and make it your best year yet and remember a coach is not just for Christmas.