A coach should keep in mind

Even though the client is the one doing most of the work, there are some things a coach should keep in mind in the coaching process. This list is a starting point for what a good coach should keep in mind. If you want to find out more, check out the free introduction to coaching course or the online coaching course.

• Not every coach and every client are compatible. This may be for a variety of reasons including values conflicts, areas client may want coaching in, ethics etc. Coaches often prefer to have a discovery session with the potential client to confirm whether the coaching relationship will suit both the client and the coach. It is important to be clear with your client on what coaching is, what it is not and the overall agreement of what is expected from both sides.

• The coach should have a high degree of patience and utilize the client mistakes for learning and growth of the client. Remember that coaching is about growth and we learn through our mistakes. The coach is not there to beat the client up, but rather to support them through their growth.

A coach should keep in mind

• The coach strengthens and supports the accomplishments of the client with acknowledgement when they achieve their intended purpose. Celebrating the little victories are just as important as celebrating the big ones. This helps to build confidence and belief in the client. This might even be the first time the client has felt either success or that somebody supported and believed in them.

• The coach understands the importance of and puts special emphasis on the fact that we all are in the process of perpetual development and learning and that this process never ends.

• The coach understands that building a successful relationship with your client is essential. This relationship is based on honesty, open communication, feedback and 100% responsibility for the outcomes for both the coach and the client. The coach plays an active role in the client’s success, even though it is the client who does the actual work.

• A coach should keep in mind that besides the goals and objectives projected and planned for the coaching, the overall growth in the client’s self-confidence, capability and ability to stay accountable for their performance, is very important.

More things a coach should keep in mind.

• The development of the distinct personality of the client as an individual is essential. Helping the client to clarify their values and beliefs.

• A coach should keep in mind to maintain a positive projection of his client’s success. Due to “perception is projection,” if we do not believe in our client’s success, the coach will project that out onto them and as such potentially hinder the client’s success. The coach absolutely believes that any client can succeed and achieve their outcome. If the coach cannot believe this they will refer the client to someone else.

• The coach supports the client to achieve their goals in whatever way the client can. Personal attributes and characteristics, background, personal preferences, etc., even if personally irritating to the coach, should be left out of the coaching process. We are all individuals and should be treated as such.

• The coach recognizes the importance of feedback and utilizes it for the purpose of mirroring and reflecting back to the client. This serves to help the client improve in the areas needed as well as recognize the areas where they are having success.

• A coach should keep in mind that some of the most important coaching tools are awareness, responsibility, accountability, commitment and clarity of one’s goals.

• Humour is a very helpful tool, which can help the client to relax and open up. The coach must remember that humour is subjective, very different for different people and to respect the client at all times. Humour must not be judgmental, racist, sexist, ageist etc. Don’t try to being funny, rather be authentic and in the moment with the client.

As a coach it is important to keep these things in mind when you work with your client. As we build rapport with the client and create a safe, trusting relationship, many of these things simply fall in to place naturally. Many others come from simply having respect for your fellow man.

Coaching should be a wonderful experience for the client as they grow and attain their goals. It is our job as the coach, to assist the client on that journey without wrapping them up in cotton wool, yet creating a safe environment to do so.

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