ABCD of Success

There is no doubt that we are facing some challenging times. However, that can be said throughout human history. There is always something that can preoccupy one’s mind and thought processes. Success can be achieved in any economic environment.

The aim of this article is to inspire you to achieve more of what you want, rather than being caught up in the merry go round of “what if’s” and “I don’t know how’s” that can often run wild in times of uncertainty. There are 3 words for each letter to inspire and motivate you towards achieving your goals.

A. Action – Ability – Attitude
B. Basics – Belief – Balance
C. Control – Commitment – Communication
D. Disciplined – Determination – Decisive

“Don’t become a wandering generality. Be a meaningful specific.”
– Zig Ziglar

The A of ABCD of Success

Action – Ability – Attitude

Goals without action are simply dreams. It takes massive consistent and appropriate action (MAC Action) to achieve your goals. To put this into perspective, let’s use a metaphor. If I want to go and run a marathon, I need to train. Simply running around the rugby field, a couple of times each day is not going to be enough. Thus, I need to take massive action and have a proper exercise regime in place. Doing a thousand push-ups each day is not the appropriate exercise though to get fit for running the marathon. At the same time, if I was running a single 20 km run once every 3 months, then that is not going to get me fit and prepared either. The training needs to be consistent in its implementation. Thus, I need to take massive, appropriate and consistent action to prepare and run the marathon. All the positive thinking and the most positive attitude in the world won’t get the dishes done. You need to take action to do it.

The ABCD Of Success Info Graphic

Next we have the ability to deliver on what we promise. Let’s use a business example this time. As a business coach, I need to have the ability to deliver effective business coaching to my client. There are different things that might have an impact on ability, example, training, financial, physical, time etc. I should have the right training. I might not currently have the financial resources to spend £5000 per month on LinkedIn advertising. I may or may not be physically able to work with 20 clients per month if that was my plan. This could be due to illness as an example. Also, time might be a factor if this was 20 clients per week, who each needed 4 hours of my time each.
In some cases, you can delegate some activities that you do not have the direct ability to deliver. However, one needs to consider whether you have the overall ability to deliver on the project in whatever form that takes. If you do not, then ask questions like “how” and “where” you can get that ability fulfilled. Is it new skills that need to be acquired, or possibly bringing in an expert?

You may have heard people say that “Attitude is everything.” It has some truth to it. Whilst it is obviously not everything, it plays a vital role in success. If one’s attitude is negative, then one will often repel others. At the same time, you can have a positive attitude towards being able to deliver, but a poor attitude to business. Meaning, not getting the accounts done, not paying employees, being late to appointments etc. This will not inspire confidence in your clients and staff.

“It is your attitude, more than your aptitude, that will determine your altitude.”
Zig Ziglar

B is for Basics – Belief – Balance

There is a reason the wheel has been the same shape since circa 3500 B.C. I think sometimes people unnecessarily over complicate things. Make sure you can deliver on the basics first. This includes having a core product or service. Example, if you have a car wash business, make sure that your clients are happy with the service they get. Then you can up sell other services or products. They are more likely to buy another product or service if you get their initial need effectively and efficiently filled first. Focus on getting the fundamentals right first.

It goes without saying that belief is vitally important. Limiting beliefs hold many people back from achieving their true potential and awesomeness. There are a number of techniques and modalities available to help you with over coming limiting beliefs. At the same time, there is also a fine line between competence and arrogance. One can only look at the arrogance of an employee of the White Star Line who said, “Not even God himself could sink this ship.” He was referring to the Titanic of course and we know what happened. A decade earlier, the Wright brothers had their inaugural flight in Kitty Hawk. They had the belief that they could do it and beat others to be the first to fly.

Balance is another very important aspect of achieving success. People often talk of “work – life balance.” I like to argue that there is no such thing, as life is really all there is. However, we balance how much time we allocate to other things, including work. People who get consumed by work, often forget how to really enjoy life and spend time on other things that are more important in the long run. Imagine being married to your job. Eventually she will divorce you and spit you out. Then she will simply get another suitor that serves her purposes better. Whilst it is absolutely important to be committed and put in the effort, one absolutely needs to have balance. This may be different for different people and at different stages of our lives. It might be necessary to work extra hours in your business in the beginning so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labour later.

ABCD Of Success

The 3 C’s For Achieving Success

Control – Commitment – Communication

Consider everything that is seemingly in or out of your control. In the marathon example, let’s look at the Boston Marathon bombing. It is in my control to train, prepare mentally, sign up for the marathon and even to go and run it. However, it is not in my control if a someone sets off a bomb during the race and injures me or others. That does not mean that I do not run any marathons out of fear. In a business example, let’s say that there was a sales competition. Let’s imagine you got 9 out of 10 sales and I only got 1 out of 10. I could still win the competition as I will make sure I speak to more people. So, whilst I may not be as good a salesperson, it is in my control of how many calls I make. There are many things that are both in and out of our control It is important to know which is which and how one can mitigate what is outside your control. Unfortunately, people often use “it is not in my control” as an excuse.

Commitment is vitally important factor in success. If you are not committed to doing what it takes, or simply playing at it, then success will most probably evade you. My daughter asked me earlier today how she can make some money. I asked her what she really wants, and she replied the money. Money is not what she really wants, it is what she can go and buy with the money. All to often though people want instant gratification and are not prepared to do what it takes for as long as it takes. One possibility for my daughter is to start a YouTube channel. That is all well and good, but it is not going to make her the money she wants right now. She needs to be committed to do the things she needs to do in order to make it a long-term success. Commitment, like each of the terms we are looking at, actually includes and influences each other.

Communication includes both the communication we have with oneself (self-talk) as well as how we communicate with others. That self-talk we all have can potentially make or break a person. It serves a valuable purpose in protection, but can also lead to in-action, self-sabotage and never achieving the results you want.
External communication includes clients, potential clients, staff, suppliers, investors, family member etc. It is very difficult for other people to “buy” into your dreams if you can not communicate your vision to them. Communication includes verbal and non-verbal language, body language and actions. There needs to be a congruence between what one says verbally and the actions that you then take.

The 3 D’s for achieving results

Disciplined – Determination – Decisive

Being an ex-army officer, discipline is ingrained in me. Discipline goes much further than simply following orders or listening to someone in authority. It takes discipline and commitment to get up at 5 am as an example, to do your morning empowerment routine. Especially on those cold mornings when your warm bed does not want to release you from its clutches. It takes discipline to consistently do the things that you know you need to do, but do not necessarily want to do. Always remember that successful people are prepared to do the things that unsuccessful people are not prepared to do.

Determination comes in to play when you have to push through those barriers that seem to jump up at the most unforeseen times. When you have run the first 10 miles and have another 5 to go. When you feel you just can’t do any more, that is when determination helps to push through your blockages. You can actually achieve way more than you think you can. Your body might say that you are tired and can’t go any further, but with mental determination you can push through.

Too achieve anything, one must be decisive in action. Often people are wishy-washy with making decisions. In not making a decision, you are actually still making a decision. Only it may not be the one you really want or need. Take the necessary time you need to make decisions. However, know that not all decisions will always be the right or best ones. It is OK to make a mis-takes. You can always change or take different actions to remedy the situation. As a leader, you staff/ family/ followers are looking at you to make decisions. Being indecisive does not inspire confidence. To the contrary, it can appear weak and come across as a lack of confidence.

Bringing it together

These concepts are all very simple, yet they are very powerful when implemented to help you secure success. At the same time, they are not always easy to implement. If it was, everyone would be successful. Many people say they are prepared to do what it takes, but when the going gets tough, they fall by the wayside.

Success is totally achievable for anyone, however it takes massive, consistent and appropriate action combined with the abcd’s of success. If you need any help in achieving your goals, feel free to reach out to discuss how we can help.

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