Coaching with NLP delivers training in various countries and focus on doing two things really well.

Firstly, you can experience world class training in NLP, Coaching, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy®, Speed Reading, Train the Trainer and other personal development courses.

Secondly, we work with businesses and private clients in the following areas; Business coaching, Life coaching, Body language, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy®, Personal Breakthrough sessions as well as other coaching and therapy related areas.

Having done training around the world with international leaders in, like Dr. Tad James and Dr. Adrianna James, we utilize many of the skills and techniques taught in NLP in many of the courses and coaching that we deliver.

About us

About Wayne

As a young boy, I was molested. My dad was an alcoholic and on a couple of occasions he even punched me. With my parents later getting divorced when I was 10, I did not have a real male role model.

Later in life, after leaving the army, I soon fell into the habit of going out, getting drunk, fighting, breaking off relationships when they became too serious, etc. At one stage I was often drinking up to 2 bottles of rum a day; and then started taking drugs in my 20’s. I also started gambling quite heavily. It is true what they say, “The house always wins in the end.”

It was when my girlfriend told me she was pregnant that I decided I needed to change. One thing I knew was that I wanted to be a better role model for my children.
I did a life coaching course and absolutely loved it. Later I did the NLP practitioner training and realised that there was so much more to learn, so did the master practitioner soon after. It was then that the bug really bit me. Personal development was my new passion. Learning and improving my own life, as well as helping other people achieve their dreams.

Fast forward over a decade and I still invest heavily in my own personal development each year.

“For things to change, you have to change.” – Jim Rohn

As I always say, if NLP and coaching can help me, then it can help anyone. There is no “One silver bullet” that is right for everyone and every challenge. However, NLP and coaching has had a profound change in my life. I have also had the pleasure of helping many other people create massive change in their lives.

I now have the great pleasure and wonderful opportunity to travel the world in the pursuit of mastery. I am fortunate to deliver various types of training in various countries and passionate in helping you, to become the best you can be.

Mission Statement.

Through over delivery on our clients expectations, we are committed to delivering the best service in our fields of training, coaching and therapy. We are passionate about helping you, our client, to achieve your greatest success. We are also proud to be part of the global movement to transform the planet into a place where everybody can achieve their fullest potential. Always remembering that our clients are our partners and the most important spoke in the wheel of success.

Vision Statement.

Our vision is to be the preferred partner and “go to” company to our private and business clients in the fields in which we operate.
Our longer term vision is to work with partners to build a self-sustainable “village” where people can live with family values at its core as well as the need for sustenance. (Both for the body, soul and mind.) Living with and from the abundance that surrounds us and not to focus on the demands placed on them by society in regards to possessions and prestige. Being happy and content with what we have, knowing that only then will you truly appreciate what you can ultimately achieve.

Our Core Values

Honesty, Integrity, Fulfilment, Fun, Excellence and Continual improvement.

So how can we best serve you? Do you want to do a course in personal development or are you looking for coaching or therapy. We can assist. Simply contact us today and we look forward to meeting you.