Achievement List

Writing an achievement list is a slight variation of the attitude of gratitude. With the attitude of gratitude, the aim is to assist the client in becoming more aware of the good things they have in their life. There are also times when clients are faced with new challenges that seem to be insurmountable. They might think that they are unable to complete the task ahead of them, or that they will fail in getting the results they want. The achievement list, it is to help create awareness of all the things they have been able to do in the past. This is great tool in coaching, for building motivation, belief and confidence.

Achievement List

Create your achievement list

Ask the client to write down 3-5 things that they have achieved in their life up until that point. This could be anything from when they were younger all the way through to the current day. Including everything from learning to read, write, walk, swim, passing exams, being a great parent and everything in between.

Creating the achievement list helps the client to become aware of the things they have previously achieved. Things that they may have forgotten about, or have not celebrated themselves for. All too often we forget to celebrate the things we have achieved as if it is a sin to do so.

Why do an achievement list?

In creating an achievement list, it helps to create a sense of empowerment in that you are an achiever and can help to anchor that feeling so that you can remember it as you set your focus to achieving your new goals. When you feel down or possibly overwhelmed, then look at the list of things that you have achieved and it will you to feel more inspired.

Utilizing the Attitude of gratitude and achievement lists are 2 great ways of creating awareness for the client. They are very easy to do and can be used individually or together. There are many different coaching tools one can use. The question to ask yourself is what the intended outcome is for using the tool.

I love to coach coaches as it is another way of touching so many more lives indirectly. Whether you are a coach or somebody who is interested in being coached, we are here to help. Simply contact us and discover how you can achieve more of the things you want and be free from the things you don’t want.