I would like to thank Joanna Pemberton for this guest article she has written, called Anchor.

The opening scene is of a magnificent ship dropping anchor in the shimmering bay of Barbados.

You breathe in, deeply, the Caribbean scent transcends your senses. Exotic smells assail you, Frangipani beckons you in promising friendliness and fun. The salty air tastes adventurous, lick your lips in anticipation.


Hear the gulls call, the southern house wren invites you in and the frigate bird dances on air all for you dear heart. You soar with happiness from the top of your head down to the tips of your toes.

Your memory is a powerful place to reside. To easily harness your power to re-imagine be invited to try the Anchor. Imagine drawing on a great mood, feeling or a successful time in your life. Being able to access this internal resource at your command.

Perhaps when you feel below par or less confident. Anxious about a forth coming presentation or job interview? The good news is that we are hard wired to be resourceful and achieve happiness. When you were a baby you gurgled with delight especially when fed, watered and enjoying a dry bottom! Your God or creator intended you to live with joy, peace and prosperity. When the earth was groaning with birth pains God placed humanity above the angels the highest accolade given in nature is your birth right.

You have a joyous, loving code stamped in your unique DNA founded in star dust (Carbon). Really, you might ask? How have you lost touch with your authentic code of happiness and contentment? Why do you sometimes feel less than amazing? You have your own reason or excuses; your answer will be what it is.

Let the words on this page take you on a journey. A lifelong adventure to many destinations of you being the captain of your ship. You are in control and you will start to see yourself in steering your ship of destiny. Feel how powerful you can be, now or later it is up to you. Hear the applause from your friends and soul crew. The scene you imagine unfolds before you and it’s just right, becoming clearer. Then all starts to click into place, synchronicity. You begin to sing from your own hymn sheet. Feeling on top of the world.

You can start to generate this glorious state of resourcefulness using a simply divine technique called anchoring. All the wonderful moments in your life available to you with a simple squeeze. The golden ticket awaits to unlock your missing piece in the jigsaw of life.

How to anchor?

How is this done, you demand? Or ask politely, this is your adventure, be inspired.
Small steps or giant leaps?

Step 1
Go off to a place of peace and quiet. No phone, radio or TV distractions.

Step 2
Find a memory that fills you with love or happiness or success. Getting your first job or meeting your partner or getting your overdraft paid off.

Step 3
This is the best part, so pay attention dear reader.

Choose an anchor that you can use easily. Some like to squeeze an ear lobe or squeeze the thumb and index finger – the anchor squeeze zone. This is your access portal creating the muscle memory.

Step 4
Next remember a time when you felt full of confidence, happiness, love or inspired. When imagining make sure you are totally immersed in your memory, fully associated. Seeing the picture, hearing sounds and conversations in your head and feeling your emotions inside you. You are inside you own personal film/movie not just a watcher/bystander. Being fully immersed and thoroughly associated gives you the point of access and the anchor is becoming stronger with every moment.

In this 100% associated state of being pay attention to your inner landscape. The details include High Definition colour, in every shade and depth, bright or pastel, clear and sharp. Panoramic or framed, this is your creation. The sounds are surround sound quality. Pitch perfect with conversations of people if they were there too. Feel the encouragement and love from family, friends or co-workers. As you use all your senses to recall these moments allow the feeling of love to fill your being and illuminate your soul. What does that bring to you?

Now as the moment begins to gain strength and gets bigger squeeze your anchor and as the memory peaks release your thumb and index finger or ear lobe. Remember the senses expect and need to be taken to the maximum. The feeling is getting stronger and feel complete.

Now stand up, shake yourself and think about your next meal. This is known as breaking state.

Step 5
This touch is your anchor for your unique feeling. Keep practicing, firing and dropping your anchor. You may notice good times popping into your mind. That is great. Add them to your anchor. Repeat this several times until you have the eureka connection between the touch and the feeling.

Step 6
Finally, test your anchor. Think about something else, perhaps who you spoke to last. Then squeeze your finger and thumb together in the exactly the same way as before when you set your anchor. This is called firing the anchor.
What happened?
If you have set your anchor up in harmony with your memories and feelings, you will recall the scene, the sounds and the feelings of the memory as if you were there fully present and associated.
If this doesn’t happen keep trying. It might be you need to practice being fully immersed and associated when setting your anchor. Check that you use exactly the same anchor to recall the experience as you created it in the first place.
The sensations in your experience will rise and fall. Set your anchor just as the memory peaks in its intensity and remove your anchor as soon or just before the feelings fade.

Use the other times that bring a smile to you. Perhaps passing your driving test, the sense of accomplishment. The birth of a baby, the overwhelming feeling of love. The first time you met your true love. Getting your first job or promotion.
Keep firing those anchors!

Anchors away, enjoy.

“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of star stuff.”
― Carl Sagan

We wonder at the magnificence of the universe.