Body language plays an incredibly important part of daily life. With every movement and thing we say, it is important that our verbal and non-verbal communication line up. While we notice that somebody might be happy or sad, there is so much more non-verbal communication coming our way. Then there is of course all the non-verbal signals we unconsciously communicate. It is important to recognize your own body language and if it is congruently portraying what you want to say. At Coaching with NLP, we offer comprehensive one-day body language courses in the UK.

Our non-verbal communication is the biggest give away of our thoughts and feelings and what other people are thinking and feeling. Every little difference can provide people with altered views of yourself. Being able to utilise your body to improve your everyday behaviour and the ability to feel more empowered is only part of what our body language courses aim to do for you.

At Coaching with NLP, we are passionate about bringing the information and training to help you emit the feelings in your own way. Bundled in to this course is micro expressions, which are hugely important in your overall facial expression. Enabling an ability to notice these minor changes in other people’s faces can help to improve your communication with a wide range of people. You will also increase your emotional intelligence.

Our courses share a range of real-life examples with up-to-date and relevant techniques to help you learn comprehensively over the one-day course. To browse our 2017 body language courses, get in touch with our team today.

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