Becoming a life coach can help you, to help your clients, employees and colleagues. Your ability to take a step back and have an objective view of what is going on, then assisting them to achieve their desired outcomes, will have a massive impact on them. We all have the ability to develop life coaching skills, but rarely do we unlock them. At Coaching with NLP, we offer life coaching courses in Glasgow to set you on your way to becoming an internationally accredited coach.

As a life coach, you can have a positive impact in various areas of someone’s life, including relationships, career and personal goals and many more. You can unlock the door of opportunity for the people you come into contact with, helping them to move forward and achieve more than they might have thought possible. Coaching them to prepare and deal with the challenges and opportunities that life often blesses us with.

How long are the life coaching courses Glasgow?

The life coach training in Glasgow run over a seven-day practitioner level and an optional 14-day master life coach level. The master coaching course follows on from the 7 day practitioner course if you wish to add even more skills and techniques to your coaching tool belt. The Glasgow course is set in the city centre and runs from 9am-5pm on each of the consecutive days. As an internationally accredited life coaching course, you will be walking away with certificates for NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Coaching and Time Line Therapy®.

Learn how to become the most excellent coach and develop your life for the benefit of others. Empowering you to release the powerful and inspirational person inside of you, becoming the best version of yourself. We are here to encourage and assist you every step of the way.

To find out more about our life coaching courses, ask us a question by getting in touch.

Life coaching courses Glasgow