Want to achieve your dreams? Those aspirations locked deep inside after a career change or shift in your life, can still become a reality. Set yourself empowering and inspiring goals; with each a step towards your dream. Create a mind-set that you can achieve what you set your mind too. At Coaching with NLP, we provide life coaching courses in Leeds to help you boost your own confidence and those around you.

The courses are ideal for anyone who wants to become a leader or wants to enhance their leadership abilities. You can learn many new techniques and skills from attending the internationally recognised NLP and coaching courses on offer. Coaching with NLP can enhance the way you see and communicate with yourself. Helping to empower you and other people you might work with.

With just 12 students in each class, you can be sure of getting a professional and specific course designed for your benefit. Experience a course that does delivers quality content, real life examples and case studies, as well as the practical advice and training that you need to become a successful coach. On successful completion of the seven-day life coaching training, you will be awarded with three internationally recognized certificates in NLP, Coaching and Time Line Therapy®.

Book your course now to receive your manual and a set of MP3s to prepare for the course. To see the next available dates for the courses in Leeds, simply get in touch with us.