Life coaching can assist you in getting a new lease of life, empowering you to create and live the life that you want. Learn how to help clients to achieve their goals and aspirations, helping to set them free from things like limiting beliefs, self-doubt and all the di-empowering stories we tell ourselves.

Learn how to have a positive impact on others. Inspiring, challenging and positively influencing others to be empowered and confidently achieving greater success. Everyone has the ability to unlock their potential with the range of courses at Coaching with NLP. Our professional and active trainer provides life coaching courses in London for prospective coaches and those wanting to improve their confidence.

While it may seem ambiguous to suggest that a course can impact on your confidence, ability to impact on your employees and be happier in your life, our life coaching courses can do just that. Our trainer, Wayne Farrell, has a wealth of experience in the life coaching practice and delivers courses across the UK and abroad.

By joining a life coaching course with Coaching with NLP, you will be awarded three internationally recognised certificates; which can lead you on to join different accredited bodies in the future. Become a certified life coach, NLP and Time line Therapy® practitioner. You will learn many skills that will greatly improve your success as a coach.

There are courses over seven and 14 days, depending on whether you attend the practitioner or master practitioner training. If you book these together, you will receive a £200 discount from the total course price, as well as a £150 off the one-day body language course.

We believe and aspire to assist all our trainees to become successful and professional coaches; improving your beliefs about yourself and inspiring you to create the future of your dreams. To find out more, get in touch with our team today.