Attitude of gratitude

An attitude of gratitude is one of the best coaching tools that has had a massive impact on my life. Have you ever felt like the world was on top of you? Like life was getting you down and you felt like nothing was going your way? You are not alone.

You see, I was close to being semi-retired at the age of 35. I had it all planned out; a number of investment properties and a couple of profitable businesses. Then disaster struck. The recession came along and we lost everything. It was a very tough time for us as you can imagine.

What is an attitude of gratitude?

We all get feel down from time to time, as life challenges and tests us in unforeseen ways. It is easy to just say everything is against us, or nothing is going our way. Yet we have so much to be grateful for every day. Often these things are simply outside of our awareness as we are focused on the negative things. (This is a topic we cover during the NLP training.)

Using the attitude of gratitude will help the client to focus on their blessings. Even when things are really tough, we need to be grateful for what we do have; and focus on the positive. There is also evidence from positive psychology that small increases in happiness across key areas can lead to a greater overall sense of well-being.

Attitude of gratitude dairy

Attitude of Gratitude

Before you go to bed every night, write down 5 things that you are grateful for in your life.
These can include things like:
• Something positive that happened during the day.
• What did you enjoy most about their day?
• Who are you grateful to have in your life?
• List every blessing you have in your life, no matter how big or small.
• Focus on and be aware of all the good things in your life.

Continually adding to what you are grateful for and reviewing the list every evening.

Being grateful can be easy

You might ask, why write them down and not just think about it each day. It is in those darkest times, that is becomes most difficult to remember the things that are good and only focus on the negative. By creating your own attitude of gratitude diary, you have something to reflect on when the going really gets tough. Something that you can refer to and realize, life is never as bad as it seems. It is in those times when you might just want to give up, that your attitude of gratitude dairy reminds you of the good things in your life.

This may seem like such a simple tool and let me assure you that it can have a huge impact on your life. This is a tool that I would recommend for anybody, from super successful people, to clients with depression.

Why don’t you start your own attitude of gratitude diary for just 30 days and see what impact it has on your life. We have much for which we can be grateful.
If you need help with anything discussed in this article or any other problem you might be facing, feel free to reach out. We are always here to help.