BBC: Science of Hypnosis Documentary clip

Are you visiting the dentist any time in the near future? Many people are terrified of going to the dentist.
Here is a video from the BBC: Science of Hypnosis Documentary about how hypnosis can be used at the dentist.

I must admit, I am very lucky to not have any fears about going to the doctor or dentist. That being said, there are thousands of people who are terrified of visiting the dentist. The thought of the injection or the drilling in your teeth.

The science of hypnosis in the medical field.

People have been using hypnosis for thousands of years in one way or another. In fact in the late 1840’s to early 1850’s, there was a medical doctor in India, Dr. James Esdaile. He was using what many believe to be “Mesmerism” and performed over 500 hundred operations on his patients. This was before chloroform was used. Many of his patients never felt any pain during the operations. Many also recuperated faster than other patients who were not treated by him. You can read more about James Esdalie here. There are many other cases of doctors using hypnosis for all sorts of treatments and even using hypnosis for giving birth.

Similarly the use of hypnosis in dentistry has also seen a resurgence. Either you can have your hypnotherapist come to the dentist with you and hypnotize you there. Or some dentists are able to use hypnosis themselves to help the patient.

How safe is hypnosis?

It is funny that in this day and age I still get asked about how safe hypnosis is. What happens if the hypnotherapist gets a heart attack or dies? Will I be stuck in hypnosis? The worst that can happen is that you might fall asleep and then wake up when you are ready. For the most part people have become more open to hypnosis and are starting to trust it more.

It is strange that after being around for thousands of years and the documented benefits of hypnosis, that it is still not widely used. I personally had a crown put in my tooth and simply hypnotized myself to not feel any pain.

Hypnosis is perfectly safe and if you are open to experiencing the wonderful feeling of hypnosis, then I would highly recommend it.

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