As coaches we all agree that coaching plays a very important and valuable part in our evolution. We all tell our clients how much coaching can help them. Just as we lament about the benefits of coaching, so to is there a huge need for coaching for coaches.

Are you a professional coach or working in some sort of coaching environment?
Are you making as much as you believe you are worth?
Are you getting from your coaching practice what you set out to achieve?
You may be a new coach wanting to be coached on growing your coaching business.
Or you may be looking to be accredited, or renewing your coaching certification.

Coaching for coaches

Coaching for coaches.

So let me ask you a couple of questions, “Who is your coach? Do you have a coach?” As coaches we advocate the benefits of coaching to others and yet often coaches themselves don’t have a coach to work with. How do you keep as sharp as you can be for yourself and your clients? Having a coach yourself is really important to ensure you are the best you can be and to empower yourself as well as being empowering for your clients. Learn additional techniques and skills to use in your coaching practice.

Having a coach also shows congruence in the fact that you practice what you preach and it builds confidence in your clients to see that you are working with your own coach. It has been documented by various coaching bodies, that the number of coaches is growing. That being said, the lower income coaches are earning less and the higher income coaches are earning more. Why? Simply put, the better you are as a coach, the more clients you will attract and the more you can charge for your service.

Working with another coach can assist coaches to build their coaching practices, deal with some of the heavy “shtuff” they take on from their clients, as well as improve their coaching competencies.

All top performers have coaches.

You know the benefits of coaching and what it can mean to help your clients in achieving their goals and desired results. We also know that many top and successful people have coaches. The likes of Richard Branson, JT Foxx, Arnold Schwarzenegger and other millionaires and entrepreneurs all have coaches. Some of them even have multiple coaches.

As a coach, I understand the issues that you face, that is why we work with other coaches. Growing your business, your brand, being a successful coach, being rewarded for what you are worth etc. These things are, or at least should be, important to you. Working with a coach can help you in the same way as you are helping your clients. You owe it to yourself and your clients to have a coach.

You are worth more than you think you are and can achieve greater things than you may believe you can. So contact us today for a friendly chat about what you can gain by having a coach in your corner.