Coaching Wheel

Often people talk about setting goals and being happier. The problem is that they don’t always know where to start. Or they may be working on the wrong area in their life. The coaching wheel is an invaluable tool to create awareness about areas in one’s life that might not be as great as you would like them to be. Meaning it will show areas that you may want to work on or be coached in.

Coaching Wheel

Imagine if the wheel on your car looked like orange part of the image.
How far do you think you would get? How comfortable would the ride be?
So why do we put up with this type of effect in our lives?
People often don’t realize the impact that one part of your life, can have on another.

The coaching wheel can take many forms although most often people refer to the wheel of life. You can just as easily have a wheel for business, wheel of relationship, or any other area of your life. Let’s look at look at a few examples of the coaching wheel.

I would encourage you to do the following exercises for yourself.

Wheel of life

Wheel of Life

It is extremely important to be totally honest with yourself as you complete this exercise. The 8 sections in the wheel represent various areas of our life. It encourages us to consider all areas of life. Imagine the center of the wheel as 0 and the outer edge as 10. Rank your level of satisfaction within each area of your life between 0-10. Then use the markings to draw a curved line in each box to visually create a wheel. (Like the image above.) The outline will give you a visual idea of possible rough spots in your wheel of life. It’s good to narrow down to three areas you want to focus your energy. Although we would all love to have a perfect 10 in all areas, that is not what it is about. The most important thing is to have balance in one’s life. Even having a 10 in one area can create imbalance in other areas of your life.
Look at the shape of your wheel. What did you notice? Which areas would you like to work on most in your own life? How does one area impact another?

Wheel of business

The wheel of business is a variation of the coaching wheel, that as the name suggests has to do with your business. You could do the same thing in relationship to your career. This is one of the tools I use with my business coaching clients.

Wheel of Business

Look at each area and rate your level of satisfaction in each. Notice how satisfied you are in each of the areas. What areas need attention? How do they relate to each other? Example, let’s say you were not very satisfied with “Marketing,” “Turnover” and “Profit.” By working on marketing, you could potentially get more new clients. This could increase your satisfaction in turnover. However, it may not necessarily increase your profit margin.

Perhaps you would prefer to first work on increasing your profit margin, then as you increase marketing, you can increase new customers and turnover. One way to increase profit margin may be by increasing client satisfaction. Meaning, giving a better client experience, allows you to charge a premium. There are many ways to increase profit margin. We assist our clients to achieve greater results in any area of their business. Business coaching has a great return on investment

Wheel of relationship

Wheel of Relationship

Now let’s have a look at the wheel of relationship. This can be very useful, whether you are married, a steady relationship, dating or even single. Rate your level of satisfaction in each area. What do you notice? How does one aspect of your relationship affect any other areas? What can you do about it? Can you speak to your partner about it? What if your partner completed the wheel, what areas might they want to work on? What impact could that have on your relationship?
If you are single, what areas are not being fulfilled? How important is it to you to have those areas fulfilled?

This does not suggest that everybody should be in a relationship. It is about understanding what areas of your relationships can be improved and how you might be able to go about it if you wanted too.

Coaching wheel has many applications

Did you do the 3 exercises? Remember that it is not about having a perfect 10 for each area of your life, but rather to have balance. The coaching wheel has many applications and is a very important part of coaching. It is one of the tools I would almost always use with my coaching clients.

The coaching wheel serves to create awareness and highlight areas that the client may want to work on. It is very useful to have the client complete the coaching wheel both before the coaching relationship commences, as well as on completion of the coaching relationship. This will help to demonstrate how far the client has come and what impact the coaching has had on the client. It may also empower the client to want to work on other areas of their life.

If you found areas that you are not totally satisfied in and would like to discuss coaching, then please feel free to reach out.

We are totally committed to helping you live the life you deserve.