Collapse Anchors

In the video, we are going to look at how to do collapse anchors in NLP and what it might be useful for.

At the end of the video, there is also a live demonstration of a collapse anchors with one of the students in the life coach training.

When do we use collapse anchors?

This technique is useful to assist your client get rid a minor negative state. This would be something like, the client saying, “When somebody pulls in front of my on the motorway, I get a little frustrated.” Please note that collapse anchors is not for negative emotions. So when the client says they get a little frustrated, but are getting red in the face and exhibiting signs of anger, then this is not the right technique to use. So you want to use your sensory acuity to notice not only the words the client is saying, but also how they are saying it and what their body language is saying.

So here is a quick recap on doing collapse anchors.

For ease of explanation, let’s assume we are just going to anchor the client on the knuckles.

• First you are going to decide on the positive and negative states that you are going to be working with. Make sure that the client can access the states and consider both RACE and ITURN that you have already learnt in anchoring.
• It is useful to get into each state before we elicit it in the client. This will help your client to access those states.
• Stack the positive states on the same knuckle. I would suggest you probably want to stack at least 5 times. Remember that the states you use in collapse anchors can be different states. At the same time, the positive anchor needs to be stronger than the negative anchor that you are going to do next.
• Now anchor the negative state just once on another knuckle.
• Once you have anchored both the positive and negative states, you are going to fire both the anchors at the same time. You want to wait for integration to complete and then release the negative anchor and keep firing the positive anchor for another 5 seconds.
• Now test and future pace to make sure that the client has more resources if the situation that caused them to have that negative state arises again.

That is a basic overview of how to do the process of collapse anchors. In the video, there is a demonstration at the end.
You can see this and all the other techniques taught in the NLP training in the online NLP course.

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