Daily Growth

What would it mean to you if you could completely change your life in the next 70 days? 1% Daily growth could be the answer you have been looking for. There is a free eBook on how to use the principles of Kaizen to create daily growth in all areas of life.

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When it comes to making “self-improvement” many people try to change everything all at once. Example, wanting to lose weight. They may want to start a new training program; waking up 2 hours earlier, train five times a week and completely change their diet, etc. In fact, New Year’s resolutions are examples of these grandiose plans to quickly make these massive 360-degree changes in our lives. Many people can relate to this all or nothing dive into change.

There are often problems with this type of approach. Example the reality of the person’s lifestyles. If you are currently out of shape, it is probably a combination of things, like not working out enough, not eating right, not getting enough sleep, busy schedule etc. It may also be because you are currently too tired or not sufficiently motivated to do the things that are necessary.

So, thinking that you are going to change all of that in one foul swoop, is often a bridge to far. All of a sudden, you expect yourself to get out of the warm bed; go out in the cold; miss out on your favourite TV shows; eat like a rabbit etc. Does wanting to implement a number of new habits at once, whilst changing ingrained habits at the same time sound easy? For most people it is not. Or often not sustainable long term. Working with a life coach or business coach can help you to implement daily growth in all areas of life.

Daily Growth

Compounding Interest

Do you know how compounding interest works? Do you know how powerful it can be if effectively implemented?

Interest is added to the principal and further interest is added on each new total.
Example, 1% interest on $100, compounded daily.
The first day’s interest will be 1% of $100 = $1. Meaning the new total is $101.00.
The next days 1% interest is added, and the total is now $102.01.
After day three’s interest is added, the new total is ay $103.03.

After only 70 days the original $100 has doubled to $200.64.

This is also true for every area of life. By improving by just 1% daily growth, you can get 100% better in only 70 days. This may just be the single most important habit to create.

As the old saying goes “even the longest journey starts with a single step.” So even a thousand-mile hike is simply a matter of lots of little, single steps?

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.”
– Albert Einstein

Daily Growth Utilising Kaizen

Kaizen is a Japanese word that means “improvement.” Although Kaizen was invented in America, it was perfected in Japan.

As part of the Marshall Plan after World War II, the Americans brought in experts to help with the rebuilding of the Japanese industry. Instead of making radical or drastic changes to their business infrastructure and processes, they were urged to make continuous improvements. Preferably ones that could be implemented on the same day.

While Kaizen means “improvement,” the term is used more specifically to refer to continuous improvement, or small changes. The strategy has been successfully adapted to business in many organizations, and later to the self-improvement field.

How Kaizen Benefited Toyota

The Japanese took this to a whole new level. By making small, continuous improvements they were able to get more and more efficient. In fact, by the 1970’s, many Japanese companies were outstripping their American counterparts and dominating US and world markets. Including the automotive, electronics and computer industries.

In fact, Toyota, owes much of its success to its particular variant of Kaizen. So much so that it’s now known as The Toyota Production System (TPS).

Every worker is encouraged to come up with better ideas and can even stop production if they notice a problem. This system is said to be one of the largest impacts for having made Toyota the company it is today.

Implementing Kaizen Principles In Your Life

What has this got to do with you? Utilising the same principles of continuing improvement, with a simple 1% daily growth, you can essentially grow 100% in only 70 days.

In order to implement the concept of Kaizen and create daily growth, we need to understand the concept of Kaizen a little better.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”
– Vincent Van Gogh

Here is a Free eBook for you to download on how one might potentially implement this daily growth. In it we discuss implementing growth in various areas, including business, relationships, personal finances, health and fitness etc.

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