Please see the answers to some of the frequently asked questions people ask. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Who are the courses accredited by?

ICR (International Coach Register.)
American Board of NLP
Time Line Therapy Association
American Board of Hypnosis
Various other international bodies

What is the practitioner course schedule?

Day 1.

History of coaching
What coaching is and what it is not.
ICF Core competencies.
ICF code of ethics.
Coaching Models.
Coaching Frames.
Coaching contract.
Effective Feed back.
SMART Goals.
Wheel of life and additional questions.
What are you tolerating?
Where do you spend your time?
Default Diary.
How important is it?
What animal are you?
Attitude of Gratitude.
What do you do best?
Effectiveness checklist.
Client Feedback.

Day 2.

Introduction to NLP.
Focus on what you want.
Grey zone.
Learning state.
Communication model.
Responsibility for change.
Know your outcome.
5 Principles for success.
Pattern Interrupt.
4 Levels of learning.
Learning, behavior and change is unconscious.
NLP Presuppositions.
Prime directives of the unconscious mind.
Sensory acuity.
Representational systems.
Keys to achievable outcome.
Hierarchy of ideas.
Intonation patterns.
State vs Goal.

Day 3.

Linguistic presuppositions.
Milton model
Metaphors and metaphor design.
Like to dislike.
Swish pattern.
Belief change.

Day 4.

Meta model.
Eye patterns.
Stacking anchors.
Collapsing anchors.
Chaining anchors.

Day 5.

Parts integration.
5 Step Sales Process.

Day 6.

Time Line Therapy®

Day 7.

Observed Peer Coaching.
Questions and answers.

Can I Really Gain 3 Certificates in 7 Days?

We use accelerated learning techniques in the training. Our 7 day Fast Track NLP Practitioner training’s are delivered as per the ABNLP certification standards. You can check this by visiting the following websites:

ABNLP founder’s website (Dr. Tad & Dr. Adriana James)

We believe that it is important for our students to get a full understanding of NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Coaching together. This way they have the sufficient tools and confidence to work with clients straight after the training. We also offer hypnosis courses for students who want to have even more skills at their disposal.

Some schools may split training and certification over a number of modules and course dates, which just incurs unnecessary costs for the students.

You are provided with pre-course study to gain a good awareness of the skills before attending a live training. The course is intensive and from the feedback we have had; our students love the combination of these 3 techniques, and recognize the value for money.
All our student’s have the opportunity to attend any training days again to refresh their skills within 12 months. (Venue fees may apply)

What does the Pre-course study provide me with?

On booking the training you receive your pre-course study pack, which include a course manual, a course book and 15 MP3’s which go over most of what we cover during the live training.You will also receive a pre-course open book test which you can complete as you run through the materials. The pre-course study pack is yours to keep for life. To complete your accreditation you are required to complete 130 hours of NLP study and practice (pre-course & live training combined).

Who delivers the training?

Wayne Farrell is our lead trainer, who is a certified trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy™ and NLP Coaching. He is also a Master practitioner in these fields, working with business and private clients on a regular basis within his coaching practice. To ensure consistency of learning and to maintain excellence in the delivery of the materials Wayne delivers all of our training programs. Co-trainers may also attend to assist Wayne when necessary.

When Wayne is not training he runs a successful coaching and therapy practice so expect to get lots of examples of how and what to do when working with individuals. Not many trainers do both – so his wealth of experience adds further value to our courses.

What types of people will be attending your training?

Because NLP has limitless applications and our trainer’s breadth of experience and interest, our training appeals to people from all walks of life.

Having a variety of backgrounds, careers and personalities on the NLP Practitioner training makes for an exciting and diverse course. This allows you to work with many types of people, which is what you can expect when working with your own clients after you are certified. There are many cases of delegates who set up their own business after training in NLP.

What payment terms do you offer?

From time to time we may offer discounted rates, like the one when booking both Practitioner and Master Practitioner at the same time. Whichever certified course you decide to book we will ask for an initial 50% deposit (non refundable) and the final payment prior to course commencement. The deposit is non refundable as we send you the pre-course study material at a cost to us.

Do I get support after the training?

Absolutely. We aim to offer as much post-course and pre-course support as possible. Our Trainers are always on hand to answer your questions. You can contact us by telephone or email.

If I book more than one course, do I get a discount?

We offer our students a discount when they book more than one course.

I did not do my NLP Practitioner training with Coaching With NLP. Can I still take the NLP Master Practitioner course?

If you have trained with an alternate provider you are still welcome to attend our courses. As long as we recognize the NLP School and have proof of your certification for our files then we will be happy to enroll you in one of our certifications.

How can I book my place?

You can book online or by telephone. We require a deposit at time of booking by EFT, BACS or cash. If your company is funding your place we just require invoicing details.

I live overseas can you send me my pre-course study before I travel?

Yes. As we deliver training internationally, we cater for international students and we can also introduce you to hotels to get discounted accommodation.


For any other questions, simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.