Welcome to this free NLP and coaching course. This is a introductory course that has been designed to give you an introduction to NLP and coaching. Providing you with some of the techniques that are taught during the live training. The aim of the training is two fold.

• Firstly to give you some tools to create and achieve more of the results you want in life.

• Secondly, to assist you in deciding that taking the live NLP and coaching course or the full online NLP and coaching course is the right decision for you.

Please note. This is a introductory training and not a certified course. The live training is the certified course.

Topics covered during this free NLP training

Free NLP Coaching course

There are 20 videos that you can watch directly on this page. There is also a full colour manual that you can download to help you get the most from this training.

• Definition of NLP.
• What is NLP useful for?
• Cause and Effect.
• NLP Communication Model.
• Perception is Projection.
• Neuro Transmitters.
• Responsibility for Value and Change.
• Grey Zone.
• The Presuppositions Of NLP.
• Unconscious Mind.
• Sensory Acuity.
• Rapport.
• Perceptial positions.
• Five principles for success.
• Wheel of life.
• Writing your goal.
• Time management.
• Getting rid of anxiety.
• Choosing a training NLP provider.
• Topics covered during the live training.

Why do we offer this free NLP coaching course?

Many people want to find out more about coaching and NLP, but are not sure which route to take. There are many training providers available, which can make finding the best coaching course quite difficult. We aim to make this a easy decision for you.

Due to busy schedules, it is also not always possible for people to attend free training days. Even if they can, it is still not free as there are usually travel and other costs involved. So we decided to bring the free NLP and coaching course directly to you, to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

NLP is a wonderful set of techniques that can be used in any aspect of your business and personal life. Whether you are a business owner, manager, coach, psychologist, doctor, teacher, parent or what ever role you find yourself in. These skills and techniques have been taught around the world and studied by people from all walks of life.

To become a life coach is a very rewarding profession, both financially and even more importantly, emotionally. Assisting your client in achieving their goals, gives one a sense of accomplishment and it is an honour to be involved in another’s journey. You have a positive impact on another persons life, as well as the potential to create massive results in your own life.

This is simply an introductory training. During the live training, you will learn many additional techniques to use in your personal or business lives. Take charge of your life and create the life that you want and deserve.

How to access the free coaching course

You are able to watch this training as a set of videos below. Simply click on video 1 and then in succession as you have completed the one before. There is also a manual for you to download just below.

We trust that you will find this free NLP training beneficial and that it has a positive impact on your life. Please share and like this page so that others may also find value in it.

Download your Free NLP Coaching Course Manual

Watch each of the videos below.

Free NLP Coaching Course Audios

You can listen to the audios by following the link below. This will take you to our Podomatic podcast page.