The aim of this goal setting course is to inspire, motivate and prepare you for the actions and steps you can take to achieve your goals. You are going to learn some techniques that only the elite few know. There are some techniques you may have heard of, but we will approach them from a different angle.

If you could wake up tomorrow and your life was as you want it to be; what would have changed? How would your life be different?

Take the time to watch the accompanying videos and do all the exercises in the workbook that is included in this online goal setting training. Even if you’ve already dealt with or instituted some of the areas discussed, be sure to read through each step anyway. You’ll likely discover a tip or new insight to help define and refine your goals. It will totally be worth it.

Once you’ve gone through each step and completed the corresponding worksheet, you’ll be on your way to creating the lifestyle you desire. This process can be used for goals in both your personal and professional life. Then you can also consider some of the things to stop doing that have a negative impact on many peoples lives.

Problems with Goal Setting

People often set goals, but don’t achieve the results they had hoped for. Just look at New Year’s resolutions as a prime example of this. There are many reasons for this, and it may be different for each person. Here are some common problems people face when setting goals.

Fearing failure – We will talk more about his as we go through the course. Start to think about failing forwards. Even if a hurdler fell over every hurdle to the finish line, they still reach the finish line. The only time one truly fails is when you give up.
Underestimating completion time – Living in a “instant gratification society and era,” people often expect things to happen immediately. Often, big, life changing goals take time, planning and hard work to achieve.
“Other People’s Goals” – Goals that other people want for us are not as rewarding as setting and achieving the things we truly want. It also leads to loss of motivation as the goal was never theirs in the first place.
Setting too many goals at once – The problem with this is that you have a fixed amount of time and energy. If you try to focus on many different goals at once, you can’t give individual goals the attention they deserve. Focus your energy on fewer things that truly matter. Once you have achieved a goal, you can then set and plan to achieve the next. Having to many goals at once is like trying to juggle too many balls.
Not reviewing progress – What has worked and what has not worked. The thinking that got you to where you are, is typically not the thinking that is going to get you to where you want to be. As goals and life situations change, so must we.
Perfectionism – This holds one back. It typically leads to procrastination and paralysis. At worst, never moving forward towards your goals. The pursuit of excellence on the other hand pushes and inspires us toward greatness.
Lack of motivation – Will power, will only take you so far. Goals need to be motivating. (We will look more deeply into motivation later in the course.)
Poor planning – Many people attempt to achieve their goals by trial and error. They arbitrarily focus their energy on what they think will work. Hoping that will get them the results they want. It might work on little, fluffy goals, but most probably not for the bigger more meaningful ones. Example, one might shed a few pounds of body weight by simply eating less or exercising more. However, to live a healthier lifestyle requires more planning and deeper sustainable change.

Goal setting requires proper planning and implementation to successfully achieve and create the life you want and deserve.

Want To Learn How To Achieve Your Goals?

Have you ever wanted to have or gain something? Maybe committed resources to achieving it, worked at it, only to fail at acquiring it? Like example:

• To lose weight or be your ideal size?
• To make more money?
• Create abundance in all areas of your life?
• To start your own business?
• To be in better health?
• To find your life mate or have a loving family?

Online Goal Setting Course

Goals Help To Provide Focus And Clarity

Working on something without having a goal is a waste of both time and energy. Imagine shooting an arrow without knowing the target. How would you know if it was an accurate shot? Having great potential, but lacking in focus, makes the potential worthless. Having a goal gives one direction and purpose in life. Allowing one to focus on the desired target rather than moving aimlessly in life.

Helps To Measure Progress

Setting goals help to track the progress of one’s accomplishments. It helps you to measure your progress against the fixed endpoint and compare it with the benchmark that was set in the initial phase of the process of goal setting.

Provide Motivation

Goals help to create and maintain motivation in the achievement of something worthwhile and meaningful to us. The sense of pride and achievement further motivates to want to do and achieve more. Building in confidence, competence and self-belief.

Create A Road Map

Clear goal is like having a clear road map and route to your destination. Knowing the actions steps and the order in which to take them to achieving your outcome. The space shuttle is only on course a small percentage of the time as it heads to the moon. Yet it flies in a specific trajectory to reach its moving target.

Transform Seemingly Insurmountable Problems Into Smalls Chunks

Breaking large tasks into smaller manageable action steps, makes them easier to achieve. Goals setting helps one to achieve what we may otherwise only have dreamt about. Enriching your life in all areas, to live a happier, more fulfilled life. We discuss all these topics and much more during the live 7 day life coaching course.

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