Goals Setting Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of how to set goals and achieve them.

In the last post, we spoke about setting SMART goals. Today I want to talk more about other things that are important to achieving your goals. You see achieving your goals is like having the world in your hands. When we look at goal setting in NLP, we also look at the keys to an achievable outcome and the 5 principles of success.
These principles include things like:
What do you want to achieve?
Where are you now?
What resources do you have and what do you need to make it happen?

You can read more about the five principles for success.

What does it take to achieve your goal?


If you are serious about achieving your dreams, what seminars can you attend? What can and must you do to educate yourself in what it takes to achieve your goals? Look for and speak to other people who have already done it and ask them how they did it. In NLP we call this Modelling and it has nothing to do with pretty girls in bikinis. It is about notcing how somebody else is getting phenomenal results. How do we learn and install their behaviour, strategies etc in ourselves so that we can recreate that excellence as well.

Coming back to why you want to achieve you goals. If your reason (your why) is really powerful, then you will do what it takes to achieve your goals. If your reason is mediocre, then you will probably have mediocre success, if at all. Richard Branson did not become so successful because he thought that maybe if he bought and sold a few CD’s, then he would start Virgin Records. No, he dreamed big and has now has over 400 companies. Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones and other multi millionaires did not just fall in to a pot of money. They all dreamed big, set their goals and focused on achieving their goals.

It takes effort to achieve your goal.

Goals take consistent effort. I know many people who started a new venture or way of doing things and then failed. They failed because they did not put in the consistent effort. They wanted it all “Now” and did not keep on going until they reached what they wanted. We live in a McDonald’s world of instant gratification. It takes effort to achieve what you truly want. The sweet is not as sweet without experiencing the bitter. Push through the pain to achieve your goals and don’t give up. What make successful people successful? They do the things that unsuccessful people are not prepared to do.

Using Time Line Therapy®, we help our clients to set achievable goals in their future time line. This works because of the Reticular Activating System. It is a part of your brain and I will explain more about it in another post. If you are stuck in a rut and want to move forward, speak to a good life coach or business coach and we can assist you in setting and moving toward your goals.

Put your goals on a dream board.

Put your goals on a dream board and hang it up somewhere where you can see them every day, multiple times. Make it so that you keep on getting reminded about what you are working towards. Add pictures and really make your dream board stand out and enticing you to achieve your goals. Keep it positive and fun. You can even keep score of your progress and celebrate little victories along the way. So if you were doing something like a life coaching course, then you can keep track of the days that you have studied or how far along you are on the path to setting up your own business. Whatever your goal is, celebrate those little victories with your family. This will also get them involved and they will help you to be motivated to achieve your goals as they know it benefits them as well.

I would also recommend reading books and learning from successful people. Stop listening to the naysayers who only want to bring you down or show you how to fail. Instead show them how to succeed. True friends will support you in your actions and endeavours. Remember that being a success means that if you fall down 7 times, then you get up eight times.

As a friend of mine says, “Success, the choice is yours.” Set your goals and go for it. Take massive action today and every day.

If you need help with life coaching, or business coaching, simply contact us today. We love to help you achieve your goals.

Our success is your success