Instant Inductions

Here is a short video with some examples of instant inductions that we talk about during the hypnosis training at the NLP master practitioner course.

During the live hypnosis training we look at some ways of doing these inductions and how they may be used. In most hypnotherapy sessions you will experience the more traditional relaxation inductions of some description. Using this faster type of induction is really useful for clients who may be tired and would fall asleep during a progressive relaxation as an example. They are also useful for clients who may be overly analytical.

Anybody can do instant inductions.

Anybody can learn how to do instant inductions. There is no magic. You simply need to follow a few simple steps. Some people will still prefer to do the first induction with their new clients in the traditional way. Then in following sessions they will start using instant inductions with those same clients.

An example of an instant induction.

There are many ways of doing the induction. Let’s look at the arm drop induction.

Step 1. Tell the client to press down on your outstretched hand.

Step 2. While the client is pressing down, tell them to close their eyes. You could give them another task to focus their attention on as well. Example, count in multiples of 7 whilst your eyes are closed and you are focusing on pushing down on my hand.

Step 3. Whilst they are pushing down and focusing on their tasks, suddenly remove your hand so that you startle them. That startle will only last a maximum of 2 seconds, during which they are very suggestible.

Step 4. Say the word “sleep” in a authoritative tonality, whilst they are in that suggestible state. As you do this, you need to follow up straight away with some deepening suggestions. If you don’t get the timing right, then your client will “come to.”

So that is a very simple 4 step formula for creating an instant induction. Once your client is in trance, continue with some deepening suggestions to ensure they are at the level of trance that you need them to be.

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