“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop questioning.” Albert Einstein

From an NLP point of view we believe that the client has all the resources they need to achieve to succeed and achieve their desired outcome. To paraphrase what Carl Jung said when talking about perception is projection, is that it is not possible to perceive something that is not already within you. Even though it may be at a very unconscious level. That is not to say we carry all the skills and knowledge to achieve it. It simply means that we have the resources available to us and it is the role of the coach to help get in touch with those resources.

The coach helps the client to identify their strengths as well as areas for learning and growth, and what is most important to address during coaching.


Learning comes from various sources.

So in sticking with our person that wants to lose 100 pounds, they may not know how to do it just yet. So what do they need to learn to assist them in their goal? Well we said that they may need to see a personal trainer who may teach them what the right way to exercise is for their goal. They may learn from the nutritionist what type of fat burning food to eat and what quantities of food would assist them in their goal.

So the client may have to learn new skills and the coach can assist the client in getting in touch with those resources through questions like:

Have you ever been your ideal weight before?

Do you know what to do to be your ideal weight?

Do you know anybody who has achieved the goal you are going for?

What do you need to learn to achieve the result you want?

Exploring the things that the client may need to learn will also increase the client’s self-awareness and can increase their belief in their chance of success. It is of course important to manage expectations. We have all heard the saying, “You need to learn to crawl before you can run.” The client did not add the extra 100 pounds over night, so they cannot expect to lose the 100 pounds over night.

Reading for resources.

A great resource that both the client and new coach may find useful is reading a book like “The Compound effect” by Darren Hardy, in which he explains the effect of consistently doing a little. The concept is applicable to so much in life when we draw the parallel to it. The learning and new skills can come from many resources and again is client dependent. This then leads us to the following step which is time to reflect.

Thank you for reading this short article and we look forward to sharing part 6 of the RESULTS Coaching Model with you in the next week. As always, please like and share so that other people may find benefit from it.

Keep striving to be the magnificent person you are.

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