Life coach. 5 Signs you need one

A life coach is there to help when things go wrong. It happens to everyone at some point or another. You wake up one morning and realize that you have lost the passion in your life. Either you went through a very hard break up, or you are deeply unfulfilled in your job. The daily responsibilities of life often feel like its dragging you down, robbing you of the happiness and joy you deserve from every day.

What a life coach can help with?

Life coach. 5 Signs you need one

1. You procrastinate

Procrastination is a failure to take action. Postponing doing tasks and sometimes not doing them at all. Start by making a list of the most important tasks that need to be completed according to priority. Complete one task at a time and don’t stop until the task has been completed in full. Once you have completed the task, cross it off your list and move on to the next item. Just do it without over thinking or making excuses why it cannot be done. Soon you will find yourself task driven. A life coach can do a simple technique called chaining anchors to help you move off procrastination.

2. You just got out of a relationship

A break up is never an easy thing to get over. You invest a lot of your energy, love, tolerance and trust into creating a home with a partner. You forge a deep bond that ties two hearts together with a golden thread. Just being around him or her makes anything seem possible. So when that person is no longer there it is only natural to feel lost and confused. These feelings are often overwhelming. So much so that it robs you of your energy and zest for life. You often feel like you would rather spend the day on the couch than face the world. Putting on a mask, pretending life is going well. These feelings are natural and nothing to be ashamed of. You have to allow yourself a period after a break up to grieve, however it is very important to pull yourself back together again. Get up, put on your best outfit, and go enjoy yourself. The heart ache might not go away immediately, but with time the wounds will heal and you will be a new person. A good life coach could even help with relationship therapy if the relationship is worth saving.

3. You keep on making bad choices

No matter what you do; every choice you make seems to be wrong. You try very hard to do the right thing at the right time, however sometimes your efforts seem wasted. It is so easy to then start to doubt yourself. When you are faced with a decision and you feel confident that the choice you make is the right one, then move forward. Do not get scared by the opinions of others. However have enough sensory acuity to know when it is not working. Know when it is time to leave a sinking ship and know when to go for what you want. A life coach can help you with how you make decisions, utilizing your strategies. Even helping you with new strategies if necessary.

4. Your self talk is negative and destructive
This often happens when your self worth is very low. You tell yourself how bad you have been, often resulting in depression and a negative outlook on life. You put yourself down about your appearance, financial situation or relationships. This is completely natural, but it is imperative to know where to draw the line. Make a conscience decision to stop negative talk and focus on what you want. The 5 keys to success will help you to achieve your goals. The way to stop it is to rather focus on the positive aspects you’re your life. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Your life coach could use a number of techniques here, depending on the situation

5. You get scared when things go right
So things are finally going right in your life and achieving your goals is part of your daily life. Then one day instead of focusing on the future, you look back and desire the pleasures of the past. Like excessive drinking, cheating, gambling etc. Everyone looks back at some point or another, but it is in this crucial moment that you have to decide to go forward, not back. It is amazing how many people actually have a fear of success. Time Line Therapy® is one of the techniques your life coach can use to help you with this fear or limiting decision.

Speak to a life coach.

If you identify with any of the above points, then you may want to consider the professional guidance of a certified Life Coach. We utilize the skills and techniques of NLP, hypnosis and Time Line Therapy® to help our clients achieve their success. Life coaching is designed around you and getting you to where you want to be. If you are not in the place where you want to be, then simply contact us today.

You deserve to be happy and have what you want.