Life coach training in London

Coaching refers to the assistance given by a coach to an individual or group for unlocking their own hidden potential. In essence the coach supports the client to get from where they are, to where they want to be. However a good coach will do much more than that. The coach will help the client to transform in that the client learns new coping mechanisms, ways of being, ways of dealing with challenges etc. Coaching is about empowerment and not telling clients what to do or giving advice.

Life coach training in London is different to sports coaching

There is a noticeable difference between what most people think of as coaching; and what life or business coaching actually is. Often when I tell people that I am a coach, they think in terms of sports. Like a golf coach, rugby or football coach. That of course is not what life coaching or business coaching is about. In sports coaching, the coach most often tells the person what to do to improve in that particular sport. Interestingly, a life coach can help you improve in your sporting ability, in a different way than a sports coach would.

Life coach training in London

Life coach training in London is widely used by different people to get appropriate results to particular personal issues they may be facing. This is achieved through inquiry and a deeper understanding for the client, of what is really going on for them. What the obstacles are that they are facing and what they can do to overcome those obstacles. Tools may include goal setting, time management, mindfulness, stress reduction or whatever else is required for that particular client. The issues can be related to business, personal, relationships and many other areas of life.

Life coach training should prepare you for different situations

Choosing a quality life coaching program in London is essential in preparing you for the rigors that you and your clients will face in your coaching career. Assisting you to help transform the lives of your clients. The best life coaching course in London does not have to be the cheapest or the most expensive. Ensure that you are going to learn the tools and techniques to give you the best opportunity of success. So choose your course carefully as a one shoe fits all approach will leave you falling short. You should have various modalities at your disposal as there is not one technique that will always work with every client. That is like thinking you can use one pill to deal with every ailment.

Life coach training in London will assist you as the coach to help your clients in dealing with the challenges they are facing. The client then comes up with the solutions and course of action to take. The way in which you coach your client can vary from face to face, telephone, email or other technologies like Skype for example. The coaching style can also vary from client to client.

Life coaching courses empower you as the coach to assist your clients, as well as yourself with issues you might be facing. It is interesting that as you work with your clients, you will often be presented with problems that you are also facing. In assisting your clients to move forward, you often solve the problem in your own life as well. You get a wonderful sense of satisfaction as your client becomes more confident and equipped to approach and attain their goals. Watching somebody grow and get unstuck is hugely rewarding.

Are you looking for the best life coach training in London?

Coaching with NLP is a respected company offering a range of coach training in London and other cities in the UK. Their aim is to empower all people to live fuller, happier lives. Training new coaches to the highest standard, with various tools and modalities. By having more quality coaches, more lives can be touched and positively changed faster. Dealing with a vast array of clients in business coaching, PTSD, weight loss, hypnosis etc.

If you are considering a life coaching course in London, then contact us for a free consultation to find out how you too can become a successful life coach.

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