The best life coaching course will empower you to create and live the life that you want. Become a certified life coach in London and have the ability to coach people from all walks of life and in various niches. Whether you want to work with people in a specific field or be more of a generalist coach.

What is your number one reason for becoming a life coach?
Do you want to start a new career?
Want to give back?
Do you feel there is a particular group of people you want to help?
Do you want to learn how to coach your team?
Maybe you want to use the coaching skills in your current business or job role?

Whatever your reason is, now is one of the best times to become a life coach. Coaching is a fabulously rewarding career. Both financially, and possibly more importantly, emotionally rewarding. Imagine being able to help someone create the life they want.

Learn how to help clients to achieve their goals and aspirations, helping to set them free from things like limiting beliefs, self-doubt, anxiety, fears and all the dis-empowering stories we tell ourselves.

Learn how to have a positive impact on others. Inspiring, challenging and positively influencing others to be empowered and confidently achieving greater success. Everyone has the ability to unlock their potential and you can help them.

There are a couple of course options to choose from our life coaching courses with various bonuses products to help you become the best life coach you can be.


  • Internationally recognised certificates, with the ability to join many additional international accreditation bodies.

  • You have access to online recordings of the training to refresh and review your skills in the future.

  • You receive many additional bonus online courses to further enhance your skill levels.

  • You can re-take the training in the future (12 months) and only pay for the venue fees

  • You are going to see live demonstrations and get hands on experience working with fellow students.

  • You have FREE access to your trainer to ask for help and advice in the future.

  • You will learn about other modalities that are not traditionally taught in NLP and coaching. Example, Mindfulness, Micro Expressions etc.

  • You will learn how implement the skills that you learn effectively in real world scenarios and receive live feedback to assist you on your journey to mastery.

  • We continue to share valuable resources with you in the future.

Life Coaching Courses In London


7 Day Life Coaching Course.

On successful completion of this course, you will receive 3 internationally recognised certificates in Life Coaching, NLP and Time Line Therapy(TM.)

  • 24th – 30th September 2022. In-person. Only 1197.00
  • 24th – 30th October 2022 Life Online. Only £1197.00
  • 19th – 25th November 2022. In-person. Only 1197.00
  • 20th – 26th February 2023 Life Online. Only £1197.00

Receive these special bonuses when you book the life coaching course:

• Online Speed Reading training.
• “Create Your Signature Program” Workbook.
• Online Goal Setting Course.
• Online 8 Week Mindfulness Course

14 Day Master Life Coaching Course.

On successful completion of this course, you will receive 4 internationally recognised certificates in Life Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy(TM.)
This course is for you if you want to take your skill set as a coach to the next level. If you are serious about being the best coach you can be, then on completion of the 7 day coaching course, you have the opportunity to go on to master coach level.

  • 03rd – 16th December 2022. In-person. Only £2197.00

Please see the Gold Package below for an amazing discount.

The GOLD Package:

This is a premium package to really set you a part from other coaches and to help you on your journey of personal mastery.

• Live 7 Day Coaching course.
• The online version of the practitioner training. Includes 83 Videos/ demos and resources.
• Live 14 Day Master Coach training
• Live 1 Day Body language training.
• Online Speed Reading training
• Online “Create Your Signature Program training”
• Online Goal Setting Course
• Online Trainers Training
• Online 8 Week Mindfulness for coaches training
• Online Emotional Intelligence training
• 5 x personal 1-2-1 coaching sessions with Muriel. (Valued at £1000)

Only £3197.00.
Saving over £1500.00

Gold Package

How to book your life coach training in London.

Simply let us know what details you want on your invoice and your postal address. On receipt of a £300 deposit, you will receive your manual and online videos to prepare you for the live training.

There are only 12 students per course which fill up very fast, so book your place, before they are all gone.

Venue Details.

The courses in London run between 09:00-17:00 daily at:

1 Shortlands
W6 8DR