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Let go of limiting beliefs, self-doubt, negative emotions and all the things that have held you back in the past.
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This training will equip you with the skills necessary to coach in various niche areas. We all know that coaching has traditionally been described as helping somebody to get from where they are to where they want to be. However, coaching is actually so much more than that. You also assist your client in becoming clear about their values, beliefs, attitudes, strengths, areas of improvement and so much more. Most coach training companies teach how to do transactional coaching. We teach our students how to go deeper and work with their clients on transformation. Here is a short article to give you more information about transactional vs transformational coaching.

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Coaching has been embraced all around the world. It is quite normal to work with a life coach, business coach, executive coach or some other coach to help you get to where you want to be. Becoming a life coach is both financially and emotionally rewarding. Meaning that you can make a decent living from life coaching and feel great in knowing you are helping other people to achieve their desired successes.

For you to be best able to help your clients, you need to do the right life coach training. It is very important that you learn the skills that you will need to employ in your life coaching career. Your life coach training needs to prepare you for the many diverse clients you will work with. Be aware that not all life coaching courses offer the adequate, let alone, superior training. Here are some points to consider when deciding on the best life coaching academy.

Whatever the client’s needs; help with a relationship, thinking about changing career or some personal goal they have always wanted to achieve, they are all individuals and very different. We have created a introductory free life coaching course for you to learn a little more about what is delivered during the live training.

Be the best coach for your clients.

Have you ever wondered why some people may like a particular flavor and others don’t? Did you know that the make up of our taste buds is the same and that the flavor is the same for all of us? The difference is how we encode that flavor or food type in our brain. I know this may be a big step to jump to right now, but that is the same in how we encode the world. You see the world is not outside there with us living in it. The world is actually in us and how we encode it is how we react to it on the outside. We talk more about that during your life coach training.

The point is that as a coach, you need to be able to understand your client. Their model of the world. What do “THEY” mean when they say something? How to motivate them? How to find their most important values and what their goals are? Not what is important to you or what they say in relationship to your life. Those are only some of the skills that you will learn during your life coaching course.

Life Coaching Courses

Life Coaching Courses

What you will learn at the life coach training

As you would imagine, listening is very important, but there is so much more to being a great life coach than just listening. You will also learn that there is much more to coaching than using a “model” to try help your client achieve their goals. Often there are things in the clients past which need to be cleared up first. Things like limiting decisions or limiting beliefs. Among all the other skills you will learn, you will learn how to help your clients to over come those issues easily. The life coaching courses are part of the NLP practitioner training and incorporates the skills and techniques of NLP, coaching and Time Line Therapy®.

During the coach training you are going to learn many new skills including the following and more.
• SWOT Analysis.
• How to set goals and install them in your future.
• Wheel of life.
• Default Diary.
• Attitude of Gratitude.
• A number of Time Management check lists.
• Order of Importance.
• What to let go of.
• Utilizing anchors to create desired state at any time.
• You will learn all these skills and much, much more. Combined they will prove invaluable to you in your life coaching career.

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Life coach training outline.

Day 1.
History of coaching
What coaching is and what it is not.
Core competencies.
Code of ethics.
Coaching Models.
Coaching Frames.
Coaching contract.
Effective Feedback.
SMART Goals.
Wheel of life and additional questions.
What are you tolerating?
Where do you spend your time?
Default Diary.
How important is it?
What animal are you?
Attitude of Gratitude.
What do you do best?
Effectiveness checklist.
Client Feedback.

Day 2.
Introduction to NLP.
Focus on what you want.
Grey zone.
Learning state.
Communication model.
Responsibility for change.
Know your outcome.
5 Principles for success.
Pattern Interrupt.
4 Levels of learning.
Learning, behaviour and change is unconscious.
NLP Presuppositions.
Prime directives of the unconscious mind.
Sensory acuity.
Representational systems.
Keys to achievable outcome.
Hierarchy of ideas.
Intonation patterns.
State vs Goal.

Day 3.
Linguistic presuppositions.
Milton model
Metaphors and metaphor design.
Like to dislike.
Swish pattern.
Belief change.

Day 4.
Meta model.
Eye patterns.
Stacking anchors.
Collapsing anchors.
Chaining anchors.

Day 5.
Parts integration.
5 Step Sales Process.

Day 6.
Time line Therapy®.
Time Lines.
How Gestalts are formed.
Negative emotions.
Limiting decisions.
Setting goals.

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Day 7.
Peer coaching exercises.
Questions and answers.

You will be one of only 12 students per group. This ensures you get the best possible training and attention.
These course sell out very quickly, so to avoid disappointment, please make sure you reserve your place before the course is sold out again and you have to wait until the next available date.

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