Do you need life coaching.

Are you feeling stuck or feel you have no options?
Do you wonder about what action to take?
Not knowing where you are going in life?
Issues with stress, negative emotions or limiting beliefs about yourself?
Are you in desperate need of a “life service?”

If you are looking for answers to live the life you truly desire and deserve, then you are in right place.
Life coaching is about helping you achieve your goals or helping you through that current stuck state. Whether that is procrastination or anything else that you feel you are just not coping with, we are here to help you and your loved ones.

Life coaching is about your success.

With coaching being an unregulated market, there are many people calling themselves life coaches or business coaches with very little training or experience to back it up. Let’s look at it in another way.
If you are an auto electrician, then you don’t just learn about fixing fuses. You learn about flicker units, wiring and everything else that you will need to be successful in your trade. You don’t want to have a brain surgeon, who only managed to scrape through on his final exams, to work on your loved ones would you? You want somebody who knows what they are doing and is going to look after your best interests. The same is true in coaching.

So what should you look out for if you are interested in life coaching? Find a life coach who is determined to help you succeed in your goal. Now I don’t mean they do everything for you. I mean to help you get to your agreed outcome. The goal that you both agreed on during your first consultation. If it was to help you to stop smoking, then helping you to lose weight may be a nice extra, but it was not the goal. Being a non smoker was. The role of a life coach is not to do everything for you. It is not the coaches responsibility for you to succeed. That is ultimately up to you the coaching client.

How do we help you?

In life coaching there are many techniques to assist you and your life coach will give you great support. However if you don’t do the things you are suppose to do, then nobody can make you. Nobody can make you stop smoking or lose weight as an example. Only you can do that. Who puts the cigarette in your mouth and lights it? Who takes that extra bite of the doughnut?

Clients are different and that means that a “one shoe fits all” approach simply will not work. So if the life coach you are seeing is working from a book or a rigid MODEL then that simply may not work. You see getting the client to say what their goal is, what their current reality is, what opportunities they have and what they will do is all well and good. It simply is not the way your mind works to get results for every situation. If it was the chances are you would have been a non smoker or dealt with your current problem all by yourself. A great life coach will have an armory of techniques to deal with different presenting problems.

What area do you need coaching in?

Coaches may also specialize in specific areas, so be sure to ask if they feel confident in helping you with your situation. If you had problems with anger management, then a coach who specializes with children, may not be the right fit for you. Skill levels and experiences are different from coach to coach. As a client looking for life coaching, make sure you work with the best coach for you. Their success as a life coach also depends on their own beliefs. You see the client will actualize what the coach believes to be true.

Depending on the life coaching course your coach did, they would have learnt various techniques. E.g. things like NLP, hypnosis,Time Line Therapy® and others. Some schools offer all these certificates, whilst others only offer very basic coaching training. Then your coach could also have taken their training to simply practitioner or to Master practitioner level.

Life coaches can have vastly different experience and skill sets so make sure you work with the best life coach for your needs. Let’s say you wanted to be a non smoker, then NLP may be the right solution to help you. What about the next person who wants to lose weight. They may be overweight because of something that happened to them in the past. A limiting decision they made about them self. So in this case Time Line Therapy® may be the first step to success. For somebody else, hypnosis may be the right solution. Or a combination of all three.

As clients we are all different and so life coaching needs to draw on an arsenal of experience and techniques to help you get the results you want. If the life coach is out of their depth or not equipped to deal with a certain problem, they should pass the referral to somebody who is. It is in your best interest to be working with the person who can help you.

So to summarize life coaching is about having the right skills necessary to deal with you as a client. Life coaching is not a “do everything for you” or “do it to me” process. You as the client are ultimately responsible for the success you achieve and the life coach is an instrument to helping you achieve your goals.

Stop suffering and take action today. Simply contact us to set up an appointment and get the results you deserve.