Does any of the following resonate with you:
• Have you read the self-help books, taken courses and followed supposed gurus all in search of the help you want to create that change in your life that you so desperately want?
• Have you followed all sorts of false promises and still you feel like you are stuck; or even despondent and not sure where to turn to next?
• Feeling stuck with no options?
• Do you wonder about what action to take and just how to be happy?
• Not knowing where you are going in life?
• Are you in desperate need of a “life service or overhaul?”
• Do you get overwhelmed with negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt etc? Leaving you dissatisfied with your life?
• Stuck with limiting belief about what you are capable of? Like limiting beliefs around success and money?

Working with the right life coach can help you with all this and so much more.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” – Einstein

Maybe you have had some setbacks in life; divorce, faced tragedies, weight issues, depression, failed business interests, etc.
Maybe you struggle with self-confidence, want to start a business, change career, overcome addiction or simply want to create some direction in your life.

The good news is that you are not alone. Many other people have gone through these challenges and come out victorious on the other side.
We are here to help you do the same and to create your ideal and abundant life.
Working with a great life coach will help you with all of this and more.

Work With The Right Life Coach

With coaching being an unregulated market, there are many people calling themselves life coaches or business coaches with very little training or experience to back it up.
Let’s look at it in another way.

If you are an auto electrician, then you don’t just learn about fixing fuses. You learn about flicker units, wiring and everything else that you will need to be successful in your trade.
You don’t want to have a brain surgeon, who only managed to scrape through on his final exams, to work on your loved ones would you?
You want somebody who knows what they are doing and is going to look after your best interests.

The same is true in life coaching.

So what should you look out for in a great life coach?
Find a life coach who is determined to help you succeed in your goal.
Now I don’t mean they do everything for you, but they will work with you to help you get to your desired outcome.

Life coaching

How Can We Help You?

In life coaching there are many techniques to assist you in living your ideal life.
Clients are different and that means that a “one shoe fits all” approach simply will not work. A great life coach will have many techniques to assist you in achieving your life purpose.
We use various modalities to assist you in achieving your greatness.

You have a number of tailored life coaching packages to choose from to suit your specific needs and budget. You will also receive some free coaching tools, alongside feedback and relevant homework to get you on track.

Coaching is a very important investment in your life to create the life you want and deserve.

As your life coach, I commit to:
• Give you my unconditional support and commitment.
• Provide you with a non-judgemental space to discover your true potential.
• Practical and applicable tools to help you attain your goals.
• A positive helping hand through challenging time.

Packages To Suit Your Needs

Personal Breakthrough Session

Intense, highly focused 8-hour session that runs over 2 consecutive mornings. A personal breakthrough session is a great way to overcome a major issue in your life, let go of a number of limiting beliefs, negative emotions and essentially get your life reset.

Your investment is only £1000.

Get Back On Track Package

This is for people who want to get rid of a number of issues that have held them back up until now. Here you become clear on your goals and really start to achieving success in your life.

• Clear Compelling Goal Setting
• 12 x Focused one-hour Skype sessions over 3 months

Your investment is only £1,997.

Transform Your Life Package

This is for people who want to create radical transformation and achieving huge goals in their life. If you want to completely turn your life around and create your ideal life, then this package is for you.

• Clear Compelling Goal Setting
• 24 x Focused one-hour Skype sessions over 6 months
• 8-week online Mindfulness Training
• 1 x Ticket to the 7-day live NLP Practitioner training

Your investment is only £4,797.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Albert Einstein

At first, you may be wondering why the NLP course is included as special bonus product in your coaching package.

At the NLP training, you will learn the art of mastering your thoughts, emotions, communication and much more. This in turn, will assist you in being able to shift and pivot, deal with challenging situations in the future. My aim as your coach is to empower you in a way, that you do not need me again in the future. Allowing you to become the true master of your destiny.

What To Do Next

Simply contact us today to have a discussion on how you too can live the life of your dreams and fill your cup with abundance. If you are interesting in becoming a life coach then view our life coaching courses page.