The master coaching course is for people who want to be an elite international coach. Become the best coach you can be and a leader in your field.

What is your mission in life?
What is the most important thing that you just have to achieve to fulfil your life purpose?
Imagine if you could quit that job that you don’t like.
What if you could live your passion and be financially free?

This course will elevate your skill set to be capable of dealing with a wide array of clients and situations. You will be able to coach across multiple niches, having various modalities and skills at your disposal. Whether you want to focus on life coaching, business coaching, education, therapeutic and more.

The master coach training goes much deeper and includes much more than other run of the mill coaching courses on the market today.

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• Here you will learn how to become a true transformational coach.
• You will learn how values and value level thinking impacts on the clients life.
• Learn how to help your clients to really get in touch with things that are unconsciously holding them back.
• You will be able to help your clients create change at the deepest levels and be able to positively transform and create the life they want.
• You will learn how to elicit personality types so that you can know more about your client than they know about themselves.
• Learn how to help clients change certain personality types and traits that might not be serving them.
• You will learn how to model excellence and be able to install it in yourself. Meaning you will learn how to create the same types of results as the person you model.
• You will learn how to conduct personal breakthrough sessions with your clients to get fast, lasting results.

The course includes all the following:

Master Coaching Course
• Live 7 Day NLP Practitioner
• Plus the online version of the practitioner training. Includes 83 Videos/ demos and resources
• Live 14 Day NLP Master Practitioner training
• Live 1 Day Body language training,
• Online Speed Reading training
• Online Create Your Signature Program Workbook
• Online Goal Setting Course
• Online 8 Week Mindfulness Course
• Online Trainers Training Course
• Online Emotional Intelligence Course
• 5 x personal 1-2-1 coaching sessions with our Master Coach Wayne. (This is particularly useful in getting your coaching business running and profitable.)

This is an intensive training and will not only prepare you for your coaching journey, but have a profound impact on your life. Empowering you to achieve your greatness and ability to create positive change in the world. Increasing your motivation, life satisfaction and so much more. This truly is a value stacked training that is geared to help you on your journey to personal mastery.

How long is the Master Coach Training?

The master coach program is delivered over 22 days live face to face training. Some people choose to do the entire 22 day master coaching program back to back. You can also do the course in more manageable sections if you prefer. Spreading the individual course dates out over a year if you choose.

The additional online resources and courses can be done in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. You will always have access to the online resources, so you can return to them at any point in time to brush up.

What certification is included in the master coach training?

On successful completion of this master coaching course, you will be certified as a:

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Master Coach,
Master NLP Practitioner,
Master Practitioner of Hypnosis,
Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy(TM),
as well as Body Language and Micro Expressions certification.

All of these courses make up the The GOLD Package. You can find out more on the individual country course pages. There are courses and dates available in various cities in various countries. Simply click on the courses tab at the top of the page and select the country and city that works best for you.

If you are ready to become a master coach, then contact us today to get more information and apply.
Join the other elite master coaches that have already gone through this program. Change your life and change your outcome. You are the master of your destiny and have the opportunity to create the life you truly want.

We hope to see you at the next training and to be able to serve you on your journey of personal mastery.