Negative Programming

Have you ever thought about how much negative programming we get in our lives? All the different input channels that tell us how bad life is and how much doom and gloom there is?
It’s in our music, TV, movies, parents, teachers, magazines etc. I am not meaning that all of this is being done deliberately. Much is just because people don’t know better and just follow what they were taught. However ignorance is not an excuse or the solution. In NLP we talk about how we can change our programming and it empowers people to wake up to much of what is actually going on.

Parents program their children.

Negative Programming

Parents don’t want to deliberately tell their children that they will never succeed. They don’t deliberately want to influence them negatively. However just listen to what some parents inadvertently tell their children. The other day there were a couple and they were jokingly telling my wife and I how stupid their daughter was. They carried on for about 3 minutes, just saying how dim witted she is and can’t do anything right. They actually say the same thing to her as well.

That has such a potential negative impact on that child and her future. She is only 11 and who knows how long they have been telling her stuff like that. Up until the age of around 5-7, children are like sponges. They learn unconsciously and soak up everything in their environment. It is one of the greatest programming stages of their lives.

Education is programming students.

Who can remember a teacher telling them they would never amount to anything? Some teachers do a wonderful job in empowering our children. Others unknowingly sabotage young people’s dreams and hold them back due to their own lack of self-belief. Telling children that they should study hard, get a good job, work until retirement and then maybe follow your dreams and passion. Never inspiring them to be all that they can be.

There is also a distinct lack of financial education in most schools. It is all about memorizing loads of outdated information and teachings. This ROTE way of learning is inferior to actually understanding what the students are learning. Being able to make sense of what the information means and how it fits into their adult lives. There is certainly a place to understand basic maths and certain subjects, but why are we teaching children about who invaded who and who was the bad party in which war. All that is relative to which side you were fighting on.

There should be more time spent on helping children exploring or deciding what they may want to do when they leave school. Exploring real life jobs or how different businesses operate. Not all children are inclined to want to learn science or another language. I agree there needs to be a basic curriculum. There is however certainly a need for more exploration and on the job learning. Empowering people to dream and to inspire them to follow that dream.

Negative programming in the media.

Have you ever heard the term, “sheeple?” People are often herded and follow along like sheep. The media is a massive programming machine and if you don’t believe me, then you need to open your eyes, ears and mind to what you are being told. Listen to the violence, racism, hatred, sexism and other negative things you hear on the news, radio, music and mainstream media.

I remember a time when you would be fired if you used bad language on radio or the TV. Now, you hear swearing and talk of sex on much of our media. Children are being subjected to these things, forcing them to grow up quicker and not letting them to just be kids. You get told that you need to have the latest gadgets, the perfect body shape, the new clothes, upgraded smart phone, etc. Creating a throwaway society with little respect and understanding of value and even personal values. Always thinking that you have to have more before you can be happy. Bad news, the goal posts will always move once you got that new shiny object.

Children and even adults get influenced by this. Many people think that they are ugly, because they don’t fit into a certain size dress or they don’t conform to what the main stream media might tell them. Negatively impacting on many lives and people taking their own lives in extreme cases. Not believing that they are in control of their destiny and that they can create the life that they want. Living in a world of scarcity, rather than abundance.

Negative Programming in society.

You watch news and all you see is violence and how people from different colours and religions are killing each other. Creating hatred and segregation. Instilling fear and resentment. Yes there are some bad people in the world, but there are many more good people who want to live in peace.

Imagine how much good 7 billion people could do if they got along and cared for their fellow human beings. However that is not what many leaders in the world want. They want to keep the masses in debt, in fear and under their control. Creating masses to follow like sheep. The old saying of treating people like mushrooms rings true. “Keep them in the dark and feed them sh.t.”

Time for a new program.

There is so much negative programming going on it is unbelievable and that is the problem. Over time you become desensitized and don’t even notice it anymore. It is like subliminal advertising. It is time to reprogram your mind and to stop being a slave to external programming. We have created a free mini course for you to help you on your way.

It is time for humanity to wake up and realize you are some much more than you think you are. You have got so much more potential than you think you do. You are amazing and capable of achieving the most wonderful things in your life. Be free from the negative programming and live the life of your making, your dreams and your aspirations.

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