The NLP Master Practitioner training includes the NLP Master Coach and Master Time Line Therapy® and hypnosis certification.

This is one of the most developed and integrated NLP Master Practitioner courses available today. Offering a combination of instruction, demonstration, discussion and modelling. The NLP master practitioner course is invaluable to NLP practitioners, coaches, HR professionals, business owners, psychologists, doctors and trainers alike.

The NLP Master Practitioner course consists of various components.

The NLP Master Practitioner training includes various training techniques which communicate with both your conscious and unconscious mind. You will experience the following and much more:

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• Pre-course Study. (Including course manual, course book and MP3’s.)
• 14 days Live training.
• Assessment and open book test which takes place during the live training.
• Live demonstration.
• Individual and Peer coaching
• Personal breakthrough sessions.
• Modelling exercises.
• Question and answer sessions.
• Practice groups and skill building exercises.
• The Coaching Values Inventory© and Personality type indicator.


On successful completion of the course you will receive 4 internationally recognized certificates. Not to mention the additional bonus online courses you have access to. Including body language, trainers training, etc. You will also have the ability to join a number of other accreditation bodies around the world.

• NLP Master Practitioner Certificate. (Accredited by the ABNLP and ANLP)
Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner Certificate. (Accredited by TLTA.)
• NLP Master Coach Certificate. (Accredited by the ABNLP and International Coach Register.)
• Master Hypnosis Certificate. (Accredited by ABH.)

The NLP Master Practitioner course content

The NLP Master Practitioner training incorporates technologies for change in both individuals and groups. The techniques you learned during your practitioner training become much deeper rooted. You will learn even more new skills to enhance your abilities and build on your practitioner training. This course will also greatly enhance your emotional intelligence. Here is a big picture of what is covered each day.

NLP Master Practitioner training

Day 1.

Recap and questions from practitioner training to ensure everyone is up to speed.
Conscious/ unconscious integration.
Inductive language patterns.
Training design.
4 Mat System
Learning styles and learning preferences.
Core competencies.
Code of ethics.

Day 2.

What is Coaching NOT?
Importance of effective listening.
3 Levels of listening.
Active listening techniques.
Direct Communication.
Powerful questions.
Questions to avoid in coaching.
Coaching Models.
Example of Coaching Agreement.
Frames for coaching.
SMART Goals.
Additional Questions you could ask.
Forgetting curve.
Barriers to Coaching.
Coaching with Values.
The Change State Indicator.
Values & Secondary Gain.
Negative Emotions and Values transitions.
Some areas of business coaching.
Client overview sheet.
SWOT Analysis.
How to increase bottom line.
Business Profile.
Johari Window.
To Do List.
Stop to Do List.
The Sigmoid Curve.
Releasing Judgement.
Tracking Coaching Hours.
One on one peer Coaching.

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Day 3.

Group observed Peer Coaching.
Questions and answers.
One on one peer Coaching.

Day 4.

Quantum linguistics.
Advanced sub-modalities.
One on one peer Coaching.

Day 5.

Meta Programs – Personality types.
Introduction to values.
Where do Values come from?
Value levels.
Interaction between values.
How do Values and Beliefs affect the client?
One on one peer Coaching.

Day 6.

Value level elicitation.
Values elicitation.
Changing values.
Aligning values.
Value conflicts.
Values hierarchy.
One on one peer Coaching.

Day 7.

Parts Integration.
Logical levels.
Advanced strategies.
Advanced re-framing.
One on one peer Coaching.

Day 8.

Quantum linguistics.
Meta Model 3.
Prepositions. Time Scramble.
Temporal decision destroyer.
Going beyond boundaries.
Linguistic Resourcing.
DE – identification Process.
Prime concerns.
One on one peer Coaching.

Day 9 and 10.


Day 11.

Overview of Time Line Therapy.®
Dealing with Negative emotions.
Creating Your Future™ Technique.
Removing Limiting Decisions.
The Drop-Down Through Technique.
The Phobia Model.
Regression techniques.
Pain Paradigm.

Day 12 and 13.

Personal Breakthrough Sessions. Here you work with one of your peers. This is an amazing opportunity to let go of some deep seated challenges you may have fasced in the past which have been holding you back from achieving everything you want.

Day 14.
Observed Peer Coaching.
Questions and answers.
Board Break.

Course Registration and eligibility

To join the next NLP Master Practitioner course, we strongly advise you to register early. Numbers are restricted to a maximum of 12.

To be able to attend the Master Practitioner program you must hold the following certification.

NLP practitioner Certification.
Time Line Therapy® Certificate at Practitioner Level.
NLP Coach Certificate at Practitioner Level.

If you don’t hold any of the above, then we can assist you to attain these to continue with your NLP development.

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