NLP Techniques Introduction

Welcome and thank you for your time in watching these short videos on various NLP techniques.

During the next few weeks, we are going to do a number of posts and short videos covering some of the NLP techniques that you would have learnt during the NLP practitioner or master practitioner training. This is not intended to be a complete training on each of the techniques, but rather an overview or refresher. The purpose is to remind you of how to do the techniques and to ensure that you have the little nuisances down and can be confident in your usage of these techniques with your clients.

Our aim with this series of videos on NLP techniques is twofold:

1) To assist people who have studied NLP, by reminding you of the various techniques and how to do them effectively.
2) To give people who are interested in acquiring these skills, a brief overview of what to expect and what can be achieved with the techniques taught during the NLP practitioner and master practitioner courses. We have also created a free introductory NLP coaching course that you can access here.

Where possible, I will also include live demonstration footage of the techniques being done, so you can actually see them being performed practically, rather than simply learning the theory.

If you have done your NLP training with another provider, then it will also give you the opportunity to experience how we do these NLP techniques and maybe a couple of additional ideas on what you can achieve with your clients.

During this set of videos we will look at anchoring, submodalites, parts integration, strategies, building rapport, etc. I hope you find these videos useful and that they assist you in being able to better help your clients. If you have any questions, or would like to see a specific technique being covered, please feel free to ask. If it is possible to do so, I will then create a video for you on that topic and post it here for everyone to benefit from.

Please feel free to share these posts with others as well.