The online trainers training is specifically designed to enhance your ability and skill level as a trainer. Whether you are already a trainer or aspire to become one.
One thing is for sure, there will always be a need for good quality trainers. Whether you are working in a corporate environment or have your own training company.

During this course, you will experience a balance of theory and practical exercises that have been developed to assist you in your journey of mastery.

Trainers Training

On completion of the trainers training, you will be equipped with skills and resources to assist you in delivering quality training in your field of expertise. You will also have a good understanding of how to create your own course materials. This is hugely advantages to further expand your training offering.

What will you learn during the trainers training?

The techniques taught are a combination of drawing from other experts and industry leaders, as well as almost 20 years of personal training experience.
You will also learn how to use a number of the NLP techniques, taught during NLP practitioner training, in your training delivery.

Reasons to become a trainer

• Want to run your own successful training institute?
• Want to deliver in house training for your organization?
• Want an understanding and know how to utilize different learning and training styles?
• Want to learn how to use the 4-MAT system to structure your presentations and training effectively?
• Use introductions and summaries to reinforce learning.
• Learn how to create state control in your audience to enhance their learning experience.
• Identify appropriate training methods and materials.
• Utilize metaphors to teach, support and inspire.
• Learn how to use your training environment for optimal training and presentation results.
• Creating effective stage anchors for state facilitation during a training or presentation.
• Utilize vocal flexibility for optimal effect and learning.
• Training design and sequencing for the most effective learning.
• Exercise design for various types of situations.
• Dealing with difficult students/ audience members and hecklers.
• Identify the four most common learning styles and select appropriate learning strategies to accommodate each style.
• Learn how to give effective feedback to support and aid excellence.
• Get rid of your training and presenting fears.
• Overcoming stage fright and nerves forever.
• Answering questions for the most expansive learning and personal development experience.
• Understand the business of training.
• How to enter and maintain the Trainer’s State for centeredness, confident and knowledgeable presenting.
• Building rapport quickly with any group size and maintaining group control.
• You want to be a world class trainer!

Trainers Training

How to access the online trainers training

Please click here if you want to become a trainer.

The training industry was worth well over $366 Billion in 2018. With companies spending around 39% of their training budget on external suppliers and 61 % on in-house training. Training services are required both in business to business and business to consumer contexts. More and more money is also been spent on digital and online learning. Thus, your options for delivering the training is also growing and making things easier.

Whether you are a trainer in an organisation, or own your own training business, training can be both a financially and emotionally rewarding career. I look forward to sharing these resources with you and wish you every success in your implementation.