Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Past life regression hypnosis is something I get asked about every now and then. It seems like more and more people want to find out if they had lived in a past life?

Who were you in your past life? Were you a rich member of royalty or did you live a less flamboyant lifestyle?

There are many ways to do past life regression hypnosis, so this is one example of how a past life session may go. Please ensure you are in a safe, quite environment before listening to this audio, which is around a hour in length.

As always with hypnosis, please do not listen to this whilst driving or handling any machinery.

No sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.

How was your past life regression?

Did you complete the regression? What was your experience like? This can be very different for different people. Some people believe very strongly in past lives, where others would argue against them. There have been many cases of people who have said they have had past lives. Many have shown lots of inaccuracies, whilst other have been spot on.

When using regression in hypnosis it does not just have to be for past lives. You can also use regression for age regression so as to overcome a particular issue or get access to certain information. Similarly, regression can be used to go back and remember where you may have left that $100,000 lying around. This has actually happened to me, where a client asked me to help her remember. (I should have asked for a commission. lol)

Click on the following link to find out a little more about life regression.

If you are interested in past life regression or want to experience it for yourself, then find a good hypnotherapist in your area. Make sure that they can do past life regression hypnosis and experience it with an open mind.