A personal breakthrough session is a supercharged, intensive two day life coaching session. A quick way to achieve the important, compelling and meaningful changes in yourself and your personal development that you have desired for too long now.

We utilize the same skills that we train our students in, some of the world’s most powerful personal development technologies. Techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® and hypnosis, to assist you move yourself in the direction of your goals and desires today. Get rid of the barriers that have held you back.

Personal breakthrough sessions are client specific and that means we work on whatever personal changes you want to make in yourself to achieve your goals in your personal or professional lives. We will work together to help you decide on what your goal may be if you are currently unsure of the direction you want to move in.

What can you achieve in a personal breakthrough session?

There may many areas of your life where you are already very successful, but you may have other areas however where you are not as successful as you would like to be. Personal breakthrough sessions are the opportunity to work on those areas where you would like to achieve greater success.

Personal Breakthrough

Personal breakthrough sessions can help you to achieve major performance improvements, which in turn can lead to that promotion and salary increase you have been wanting. They are also useful to help you move forward out of a temporary dip or lull that you may be finding yourself in. Help you with unresolved issues or presenting problems that you have not yet managed to resolve yourself. There are many reasons why that may be the case, including limiting decisions, limiting beliefs, fears etc.

Personal breakthrough sessions have assisted people around the world for many reasons, including:

• Increasing self confidence, work performance, motivation, efficiency, decisions making.
• Improving self management, time management, relationships, concentration.
• Letting go of negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, phobias, hurt and guilt, among others that harm the body and health.
• Help people to stop smoking, lose weight, stops bad habits, doing the same things and expecting different results.
• We elicit your values in different areas of your life and evaluate how you are currently living compared to your values.
• Align your values to meet your goals and be more congruent in your behavior.
• Setting SMART goals and inserting them in your future to create an achievable compelling future.

Why do I need a personal breakthrough session?

If you are reading this page, then there is a likely hood that you feel there is something missing in your life or you are not quite satisfied in all areas of your life. Or maybe you experience limiting beliefs like “Is what I am or have now, all I am worth?”
Have you ever found yourself saying:
“I wish I could stop doing…, but there is a part of me that….”
“I really want to…. but I just can’t help myself.”
I know I should not …, but I just can’t help myself.”

How long is a personal breakthrough session?.

It can vary but we typically put 8 hours aside for a personal breakthrough session. This is split into two days of 4 hours each.

So what next?

A personal breakthrough session is geared to help you achieve or overcome, increase, achieve that part of your life where you have felt unable to do yourself. You know you are more than your current behavior or situation. Don’t you? So are ready to let go of the things that have held you back in the past and ready for the new you?

Then simply contact us today. Our goal is to help you achieve your goal.