Placebo Effect

Dr. Deepak Chopra explains the placebo effect and its connection to integrative medicine. Patients often show significant improvement of their condition that can not be credited to the treatment.

So if we can create positive change in our lives and bodies without medicine, why aren’t we doing more of it?

I believe one reason is a lack of belief in ourselves that we have the ability to do so. Yet science has now even proven that we can change our DNA through our thoughts. Another reason is that we are told by the media that it is time to get a jab, because “Flu season is here…” So people are effectively creating disease in themselves through their thoughts. In fact have you ever noticed that when you start feeling down and despondent that you can also become sick? When we have stinking thinking then we create those types of results.

Placebo effect does not mean no more doctors.

Thus we have a ability within ourselves to heal our bodies. This does not mean that you never need to go to the doctor again, as obviously there is a definite place for medicine and medical help.

What I am suggesting is that we should be open to exploring other ways of healing. Taking less chemicals and creating a natural cure for our ailments must be healthier and more beneficial to our bodies. The truth is that our thoughts affect our DNA and thus our daily lives.

There is a lot more research that needs to take place, however there are many cases of people who have healed themselves. Even after they have effectively been written off by traditional medicine. During the NLP training, we specifically look at some of the techniques taught in Time Line Therapy(TM) and discuss how negative emotions can cause illness and disease. Thus it seems reasonable that by getting rid of those negative emotions, that we are also able to minimize those illnesses taking effect in the first place.

Certainly makes you think of what is possible.