Relationship Coaching

If you search YouTube, you will find some great videos of Tony Robbins doing some relationship coaching with couples. There are some great examples of how effective coaching can be and to help people overcome almost any obstacle they thought was too much for them.

Relationship coaching.

There is many ways, techniques and modalities to help couples with with their relationship challenges. Relationship coaching is very useful and can certainly help keep couples together if they want to be together.

Imagine the impact on the family as a whole when couples do not get along or love each other. The effect on the children especially. Children can pick up on it when parents don’t get along. This can be devastating and have long term impact on kids. They may feel that it is their fault that the parents are fighting.

I agree there are times when it is better to separate rather than stay together. This is especially true when the couple don’t want to be together. Again of course, this has an impact on the kids. In this case, children can feel that they are the cause for the separation.

The important thing is to know whether or not the couple want to stay together. This is the first question I ask relationship coaching clients. Is this relationship worth saving?” It is not about convincing people to stay together. Instead it is to give them the tools to help them through the rough patch they may be going through. There are of course a number of factors that can impact on the relationship.

Relationship Coaching

A few things that affect relationships.

We will typically help our clients understand each other’s personality types. Why is he or she the way they are. Why do they not want to talk about their problems, etc.
We also help them to get rid of any negative anchoring and teach them how to use anchoring for positive reinforcement. Let go of their negative emotions, limiting beliefs etc, that are affecting their relationship.

Relationship coaching can also help deal with a lot of the external strain placed on relationships. Things like money, other family members, careers etc. Often there is a mismatch in the relationship values and even the values of the partners in the relationship. Money as an example is one of the major reasons why relationships fail. Imagine a wife that comes from a family that always had surplus money to spend on the finer things. The husband comes from a family, where money was tight. Now she spends on some luxuries that he does not agree with and eventually it becomes a major conflict for them.

Helping the clients to understand the underlying issues, can have a massive impact on how they relate to each other. During the NLP master practitioner training, we look at a model to use for relationship coaching.

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