Sciatica and Life Coaching

I recently worked with a lady who has had sciatica for the last 10 months. She has been to the physiotherapist for months and was told that she had chronic sciatic pain. I agree that there are times when a pain is because something physical has happened. I mean if you fell off of a ladder, then it is conceivable that you may have back pain or some sort of injury. Certainly for a few weeks anyway.

What I do find interesting is that we know that the body heals itself and depending on the injury, it may take up to 6 to 8 weeks. However, bearing in mind that the body does heal itself, why do people suffer with issues like back ache, shoulder pain or sciatica for such a long time?

Sciatica and life coaching

Sciatica and life coaching.

Based on work done by Dr. John Sorno, if the client has long term pain, then it is often based on the fact that the client is not paying attention to emotions at the unconscious level. So whilst working with this particular lady, we assisted her in learning a technique in paying attention to her emotion. Within one life coaching session her sciatica had disappeared.

You may think that could have been a stroke of luck. I have had the pleasure of working with a number of people with long term pain issues. The most recent was a 16 year old girl who has struggled with shoulder pain. She also got rid of the sciatica it in one session, using Time Line Therapy. Other successful coaching clients include a lady who was in a car accident and been taking pain tablets for 10 years. Again after learning how to pay attention to her emotions, she was able to let go of the pain and stop taking the tablets.

Medicine still has its place.

I appreciate there certainly is a time and place for everything. This includes a time for medicine and certainly a time for using the power of the mind. We know that there is the placebo effect and the less known “nocebo” effect. Here is an extract from Wikipedia to explain nocebo. Essentially it is when people can actually have a negative effect on their health due to what they believe to be true.

So in short, our thinking, beliefs and emotions etc. can have either a positive or negative impact on our lives. Instead of suffering with long term pain, why don’t you simply explore the option of letting go of the pain via alternative methods? There are a number of methodologies that can assist.

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