The online speed reading course will enhance your reading, learning, comprehension and retention of the materials you read.

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Why do a speed reading course?

Speed reading course

To read faster.
Have greater comprehension.
Studying for an exam.
Research for a book or thesis.
Improve your memory.
Enhance your career prospects.
Free up time.
Find information you are looking for quicker.
Stop wasting time reading unimportant stuff.
Feel more confident as a reader.
Much more.

How fast do you read?

It is suggested that most people read between 150- 250 words per minute. That is less than a page per minute. The average comprehension is of what we read is only 50%. Then we tend to forget almost 90% of what you have read within 48 hours. What is worse, the older you get the less you remember. The reason is because we are only using the short term memory when we read normally.

There are a number of reasons why we don’t normally read faster which include sub vocalise and regression to name a couple.

During our school years we are taught to read, but around the age of 12 we don’t learn any new reading skills. During the speed reading training you will learn a number of new techniques to improve your reading speed.

Combining information and techniques of many years of research, from many pioneers in reading techniques, we have a set of techniques to enhance your reading speed and comprehension quickly and easily. Then the more you practice, the better you will get.
If the average person reads 250 words per minute, then a 200 hundred page book would take around 7 hours to read. (Assuming there were 500 words per page.)
If you were able to read at 1000 words/ minute it would take around 1 hour 45 minutes.
At 3000 words per minute you could read that same book in around 35 minutes.

I think you would agree that is quite a big difference from the 7 hours it takes with traditional reading. Now imagine having 20 books to read for a research project or for studying. Saving 6 hours per book would equate to 120 hours or 5 days saved. So learning speed reading can save you time and allow you to get through more materials. Especially if you consider the amount of information we are bombarded with nowadays.

On completion of the speed reading training

• Stop sub vocalisation.
• Improve your comprehension and retention of your reading.
• Increase concentration.
• Increase your memory.
• Eliminate stress of reading.
• Increase your quality and quantity of reading.
• Study easier by reading and learning in a relaxed, positive state.
• Enhance your creativity.
• Stay on top of your required reading.
• Learn to take useful, understandable notes of reading materials, meetings, and courses.
• Stop going back to re-read something again because you don’t think you got it. Many people automatically regress and waste a lot of time.
• Much more.

This speed reading training will assist you with your reading throughout your life. Giving you the skills to enhance your knowledge, improve your employability and much more.

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