Stress causes anxiety, disease and melt downs on a daily basis and can be a silent killer.

Did you know that stress shuts down your body functions like your digestive system, suppresses your immune system, reproductive system and messes up your metabolism? So when you are stressed, your body does not fight infections and diseases well. It has even been linked to cancer, depression, suicide, diabetes, insomnia and many more unwanted behaviors and illnesses. You don’t digest food properly when you are stressed, so you don’t take up the important nutrients in the meals you eat. You may gain weight, your energy levels are down, you feel demotivated and so much more when you experience stress. Heart problems are another side effect and people under a lot of stress can have heart attacks. Yet people live with it each day and still don’t realize how bad it is for you.

How to get rid of stress.


There are a number of ways you can de-stress though. Take up yoga, meditation, a hobby etc. Do something that will help you to be more care free and relaxed. Spend more quality time with your loved ones and remember a time when you were care free and living life to the full.

Hypnosis is also really good for letting go of stress. As well as seeing a hypnotherapist, you can also listen to hypnosis MP3’s or CD’s. Imagining a special, happy place, where you can just relax and be free. Release that built up stress and enjoy being peaceful and calm instead. This will keep you healthier and will also have a knock effect on the people closest to you.

When you are stressed, you argue and fight with your loved ones. Shout at your spouse and children. This is not conducive to a happy relationship and leads to more stress. So it is really important that you get rid of your stress. Be free from stress and anxiety. Anxiety can easily be gotten rid of with Time Line Therapy®. This is a very quick and simple technique that you can do yourself any time you feel anxious. We will show you how to do this easily and effortlessly. The students that take our NLP training are always amazed at how easy this process is and what a difference it can make in your life.

Robert Sapolsky is a professor at Stanford University. He has written many books and he is an expert on stress. He says: “We are now about 70 years into thinking that sustained stress can do bad things to your health. The biggest challenge for the next 70 years is figuring out why some of us are so much more vulnerable than others.” He also said “We’ve evolved to be smart enough to make ourselves sick”

Be more relaxed.

I must add that we have also evolved to make ourselves better and to know what to do to be healthy. Most people just don’t know how to make these changes and that is how we can help you. The choice is yours really. Choose to do stress, or choose to be more relaxed. We use the same techniques in life coaching and business coaching sessions that we teach during our life coaching courses to help our clients with many presenting problems. For more information on hypnosis, getting rid of stress and anxiety, simply contact us today.

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