Success means different things to different people. One can measure success in different ways. For some it is about money. For others it is about time with the family, etc.

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.” Abraham Lincoln.

Celebrate large and small success.

In the client achieving success in any measure it is important to celebrate those victories, big and small.

Not only the major goal, but also the little goals in between. Often clients can feel overwhelmed by the tasks at hand and this can lead to an inability to actually even get started. People also beat themselves up because they do not achieve their goals quick enough or they don’t see the small changes happening. They are so focused on the end result that they may get dismayed and often stop just short of achieving their goal. This could be the example of our person who may already have lost 60 pounds, but because their focus was on the 100 pounds, they may feel they are never going to achieve their goal. So they give up, not realizing that they have already achieved 60% success.

Success follows consistent effort.

Often that final push can be the hardest and it is important to reflect on how far they have already come. By helping the client to realize that they are reaching certain milestones on route to their overall goal, not only refocuses their attention, but also builds and strengthens the belief in themselves that they can actually achieve the results they are striving for.


It is a very important role of the coach to help the client to stay focused on their goal. It is just as important to help the client celebrate the little victories along the way. There are many techniques you could use to help your client to stay focused, of which NLP is simply one.

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