The Mind Body Connection

In this 20 minute video, Dr. Deepak Chopra talks more about the mind body connection. Looking at the relationship of Integrative Medicine.

If you have not yet, then I would recommend reading Deepak Chopra’s book, Quantum Healing. In there he talks about the neurotransmitters that bathe every cell in our body. He calls this the mind body connection and says that our body and immune system is essentially eaves dropping on our thoughts.

Neurotransmitters and the mind body connection.

As information travels through our bodies, electrical signals travel down one neuron, then as the information (signal) hits the synaptic gap, it converts to a chemical signal. It is then taken up by the next neuron and is again converted to an electrical signal. These neurotransmitters can pass information to every cell in our body. So our thinking has an impact on our body as the information is passed from cell to cell. The mind body connection. This is very important in what we tell ourselves through our thoughts and beliefs.

When they first discovered neurotransmitters, they thought they were only in the brain. Then they found that they are even in the uptake of the cells in every cell of the body. Scientists found that even after removing the brains of rats (only leaving the brain stem) that the rats could still run a maze. (Karl Pribram PhD, postulated the holographic brain in the 1960’s, saying that memory is stored holographic through the body and not just in the brain.) That proves the “Mind Body Connection.” That is really important. What that says is the thoughts you hold in your mind, can affect your body. How? Well the thoughts you hold can move through the neurotransmitters throughout your body.

Thinking affects your results.

Have you ever noticed that when you have “stinking thinking,” you get those types of results? People can think themselves sick. What about people that have healed themselves from illness from which they should have died? We talk at more at length about the mind body connection during the live coach training.

So the mind body connection certainly exists. Unfortunately it often has a negative impacted on our lives due to negative thoughts. However it certainly also has a massive potential for positive impact if we choose to embrace it. Of course simply only being a positive thinker is not going to magically solve every problem.

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