Thoughts affect your DNA

Have you wondered what affect language and emotions can have on your body? Zig Ziglar use to call it stinking thinking.

Have you ever thought about how your thoughts affect your DNA?

In this short video, Deepak Chopra explains how our emotions, desires and imagination can influence the biological responses in our bodies. There has long been evidence on the affects of stress on our health. Now there is evidence on how positive emotions like love and compassion can also affect our health in a more positive way.

Deepak explains how these processes work and the connection between our mind, brain and immune responses.

Negative emotions are another factor that impact on our body in a negative way. Letting go of negative emotions, stress, phobias and negative self talk can improve your health and make you feel better. Therapies like hypnosis and Time Line Therapy(TM) are great to assist you in achieving better health. The impact on being a more positive you can be dramatic in both your personal and work life. Imagine how much better and lighter you would feel if you were not carrying around the weight of the negative things in your life all day long. Imagine feeling re-energized and revitalized with positive emotions.

We know that negative emotions can also lead to depression and anxiety. So isn’t it better to let go of them and change our thinking?

Have positive thoughts affect your DNA.

So instead of using negative words that create stinking thinking, rather focus on good positive emotions and positive words that empower you and your body. We talk at length about how our thoughts and emotions impact on our health during the NLP master practitioner training.

If you would like to find out more about how you can be free from the negativity in your life, simply contact us today. We are here to help you be a better, more confident you. You are not alone.