Time Line Therapy ® was developed by Dr Tad James over 20 years ago and has helped thousands of people across the world. It is a very powerful process of helping clients. Combined with advanced NLP and hypnosis the techniques will help you to quickly let go of limiting decisions, limiting beliefs, phobias and many other situations that limit people from living a full and happy life.

What is Time Line Therapy ®?

Many people hold on the anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, other negative emotions, and emotional baggage which hinder their performance and stop them from having true happiness. We use Time Line Therapy® techniques to help our clients be free from this life draining negativity in our life coaching and personal breakthrough sessions.

Many people have phobias that have hindered them their entire lives, which can often be let go of in as little as 10 minutes. Time Line Therapy® is a content free process, so we do not need to know everything that happened and you don’t need to relive any bad experiences. This means you can easily and effortlessly let go of the “problem” without getting into the details. This has made Time Line Therapy® very beneficial for many clients as they don’t want to share previous bad experiences with a therapist they have just met.

So what would it mean to you to let go of everything that is holding you back? Live free of negative feelings, limiting decisions and be free from phobias?

Free from limiting beliefs and have the confidence to go for what you want? What would it mean to be able to put goals in your future and to actually achieve them? That job you always wanted, but never thought you were good enough. That can be said for so many things that you may never have “gone” for, simply because of limiting beliefs. You know you are more than that. Don’t you? You know you deserve to be happy and have what you want.

What can Time Line Therapy(TM) help with?

Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy® we deal with both the clients past and future and will help you create the future you desire and deserve.
Stop smoking
Weight control.
Eating issues.
Phobia cures.
PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder.)

The above list does not include every condition that Time Line Therapy® can help with, so if there is another condition you would like to discuss, simply contact us to see how we could help.

You may need to get a referral from your medical practitioner in some cases.