Time Management Tip

Welcome back to the third exercise and another time management tip. The question many coaching clients ask is, “How can I free up time and be more productive?” Previously we looked at time management and time-saving-tips. By completing this simple time management sheet below, you can determine where your time is being spent. You will then determine how and where you can free up time to do the things you really want to, or need to.

You can add whatever activities you spend your time on each day. The activities on this sheet are an example of what most people would be doing on a daily basis.

So ask yourself how much time you spend on each activity and fill that in under the current column. When you tally that up you should have 24 hours in total spent each day. I appreciate that on some days you may do different things and that is fine. Simply do a page for each day of the week if your diary is of such a nature that you need to. So you know how much time you are spending on what activities each day.

Useful time management tip.

Time management tip exercise

Then you can complete the “In the future” column and write down how much time you would like to spend on each activity in the future. As an example if you were spending 6 hours a day watching TV and you needed to free up 2 hours a day to go to the gym, then you can write down 4 hours in the horizontal line that says “TV” under the “In the future column.” There is no magic here. This is a very simple time management tip and simple maths. How much time are you currently spending and how much time will you spend in the future.

You will then deduct the total hours you want to spend in the future from the current ours and that will leave you with the amount of time saved each day. The choice then is really simple. What are you going to spend the extra time on? Read a book, study, do a part time business or whatever it is that is going to get you out of your current situation. Unless of course you are totally happy with your current situation and don’t need another time management tip.

Most people waste so much time each day and get caught up in a cycle that is dis-empowering. This simple time management tip will help you to free up time and do the things you want to do.

Go ahead, do it and . What is the best thing that can happen if you have more time? You can also do the free coaching introduction course if you want to learn more about setting goals.

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