Time to reflect

We all need time to reflect on what is working and what is not working. Without reflection, we can’t ensure that we stay on our intended path, or change course if necessary.

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. – W.0 Fields

One of the core competencies in coaching is that the coach helps the client to make plan adjustments as warranted by the coaching process and by changes in the situation. So it is important for the client and coach to have time to reflect on whether or not the plan is going the way the client wants or not. If something is working, then great. If it is not, or the goal has changed, then the plan needs to be changed. In identifying where the client is in relationship to their goal the coach can ask questions like:

What is working?
What is not working?
What do you need to adjust to assist you in achieving this goal?
Is this goal still important to you?
There are many more questions you could ask which may depend on the actual situation.

Time to reflect

Time to reflect creates accountability.

The coach must also hold the client responsible and promote their self-discipline for the tasks that need to be done as part of the plan whilst leaving the responsibility to the client to actually do the tasks. If the client has not done the required tasks then the coach must positively confront the client as to the fact the intended tasks have not been completed.

This accountability on the clients side can have massive impact on the client as many people have never felt trusted to complete tasks on their own. Whilst others may come to the realization that it ultimately is up to them to achieve the result they truly want and to stop giving all the reasons as to why they have not yet achieved their goals. Subsequently the client may then become more accountable in the future.

At the end of the day the coaching process is about both helping the client as well as allowing them to grow.

In the next article we will look at “Success” and a very much missed part of celebrating the little successes we attain.

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