Due to the challenges that many people face due to lockdowns, you can now take the NLP training and life coaching training as virtual courses from the comfort of your own home.

The virtual courses are delivered live via the Zoom platform. We follow the normal course hours, with coffee and lunch breaks etc.

You simply log in to the platform each day and we virtually meet as a group. All the same course content is covered. You still get to see and discuss demonstrations, as well as get to practice the techniques with each other.

To ensure you get the best attention and help, there are only 6 people on the virtual courses, rather than 12 at the normal face-to-face training.

As part of the training, there is a requirement to meet face-to-face to handle some of the smaller nuances of the techniques and certification. The number of days depends on the course you are attending. The available dates for the face-to-face training will be made available before you book your place for the virtual training.
The face-to-face element is usually held in London; however, we also offer this in other major cities if there are at least 4 people.

To further support your journey to mastery, there are additional online practice sessions, where you can join in to practice and refresh on some of the techniques, coaching etc.

Virtual Courses

Receive all the following bonusses as well
• Online Speed Reading training.
• “Create Your Signature Program” Workbook.
• Online Goal Setting Course.
• Online Mindfulness Course.

Dates for the 7 Day Practitioner virtual courses

15th – 21st March (Full)
3rd – 9th May (Full)
7th – 13th June
20th – 26th September
15th – 21st November

Dates for the 14 day Master Practitioner training

4th – 17th October

What to do next

Feel free to get in touch via the contact page or to call us directly to get all your questions answered.
We do not believe in hard selling and will be happy to let you know whether the course will meet your needs or not.

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