What can a coach do for me?

And faster than you thought it could possibly happen, the new year rolled in. The last 12 months are in the rear view mirror and you are looking ahead to the next 12. You may have set yourself goals for the next 12 months. If I may, let me ask you a question, “Almost 2 weeks into the New Year, have you stuck to those goals or have you let them slip, again?

You see, so many people have the best laid plans for what they are going to achieve, but the reality is that most will not actually achieve them. For starters they don’t follow the five principles for success. This a basic starting point if you want to achieve your goals. They may sound obvious and yet how many people do you know, that say one thing and do something else? Or they never take any action. It is as if they just expect it to fall into their laps.

How can a coach help?

If you are serious about making massive change in your life and achieving your goals, then isn’t it worth it to do it right? Why would you set yourself up for failure? You would not do that deliberately and yet very few people will achieve what they have set out to achieve. So what can you do? Whatever your goal is, you want to lose weight; stop smoking; get a new job or relationship, etc. Put all the odds in your favour by working with a coach.

What can a coach do for me

The coach will work with you by holding you responsible, supporting you, challenging you and assisting you to find the right resources to achieve your goals. Whether those are resources in time management; personal development; or whatever you need, your coach is there for you. They are the rock you need to lean on when things get tough and they are the cheering crowd when you reach the finish line.

So give yourself a gift. Speak to a coach to discuss how they can help you and make this a year where you do achieve the goals you set yourself. Make this the best year you have ever had. Take massive action and shine like the star you are.

If there is any way we can assist you here at Coaching with NLP, simply contact us and we will be happy to support you.